Everything you ever needed to know for the creation of the

Designed by Maryse

Yarn–Red Heart


Cut 4 panels measuring 3¼” square.

Trim sides with Double Crochet edging.

Add a row of Single Crochet around each panel.

After all edging is added, they measure approx. 4 – 4½” square.

I don’t know if there’s an International Tissue Box Standard, so hold the panels up to your box. You don’t want them to overlap on the sides, it should be just a bit snug when you seam them together.

Also, you might need to add more stitches to the top or bottom to cover the sides of the box.

Once you’ve seamed all the sides together, you can add the top pieces. Simply create 2 small rectangular pieces that will fit on either side of the tissue exit. Seam them to each side of the box top.


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