Everything you ever needed to know for the creation of the

Designed by Stitchy McYarnpants

Yarn – acrylic, 1 skein

Colors – red

Crochet hook – size 4 or 5

Panel A = 6 - panels measuring 3½” square.

Panel B = 6 - 3½” x 2”, cut into half circles for brim.

Panel C = 1 – round piece, 3½” in diameter for top of hat.

– Punch holes and SC around all panels.

– Using tapestry needle, seam all 6 Panel A pieces together side-by-side to make the hat band.


– Seam flat side of Panel B to bottom of Panel A. Continue until all Panels A and B are connected.

– SC around entire brim.

Here is where it might get weird. If the brim pieces fit right up against each other once they’re attached, go ahead and seam them together. Chances are there’s going to be a little space between some or all of them. In those cases, just crochet back and forth in the space when you get to it as you’re SC-ing around. Once the space is filled to your liking, keep on going around the brim. It’ll give the brim a nice floppy effect, so you may want to do it on purpose. Good luck trying to screw it up, it’s nearly impossible.

You can do all sorts of brims at this point, so go ahead and experiment. Change the size and shape of brim pieces, or don’t use cans on the brim at all and just crochet around and around. Increase and decrease to adjust the floppiness quotient.


– DC around Panel C as many times as you need to for it to fit on top of the hat.

Again with the experimenting. You can increase and decrease at will for tautness or floppiness. The top of my hat came out a little too large, so I had to gather it in a few places when I seamed it to the hat. It gives it kind of a Mad Hatter look when I wear it because I have a small head because it angles out at the top. I think it’s kind of cute. It also accommodates larger heads quite nicely. Go ahead and play, it’s easy enough to rip and re-do!

– Seam to top of hat with tapestry needle and hit the town in your stylish new headwear!

brought to you by Debbie Brisson • designed for you by Cynthia Malaran