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This sure looks like a fun way to get kids interested in voting. It really puts a happy face on the world of politics. Just goes to show you that donkeys and elephants actually can play together, they can even share a ball!


This is actually a subtle way to further divide the country. Note that one is knitted and one is crocheted. Go ahead and explain that when the people of this country take up arms against one another. One side will be armed with knitting needles, while the other defiantly waves crochet hooks in the air. The battles will be epic, the afghans will be costly, the scarves will be many. And who do you suppose is behind all of this? Who stands to make the most money in this situation? Think about it. What kind of ball would a crocheted donkey and a knitted elephant fight to the death over? Yarn! It’s the yarn companies, people! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

*Edited to add: Aw crap. Is that damned donkey garter stitched and not crocheted? Maryse seems to think so. If so, please just pretend it’s crocheted for the sake of the joke, otherwise I’m going to have to erase this and then I’m going to pout for the rest of the day. Work with me here, people.

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That was quite a move, but I’m happy with my new home. My favorite bit is the “Email Me” button. I can’t stop rolling my mouse over and over her. I’m very easily amused.

I feel like I’m starting this blog from scratch. It’s a second chance, of sorts. Maybe this is the year I make JenLa proud! This is going to be a crazy year, what with the whole book thing and a brand new blog to play with. I have a lot of fun ideas to spring on you, not the least of which is my plan to have you all crocheting cans with reckless abandon by the end of the summer. heh heh. I just finished my San Pellegrino soda can tote bag and brought it with me to the Yarn Harlot’s book signing last night.‚ A few people seemed to really like it and said they actually might like to make one. The pattern will be up in a few days and I can’t recommend that soda enough. Very tasty, especially with a nip of gin. Plus, the cans themselves are really cute.


And speaking of the signing, what a blast! Stephanie was her usual hilarious self and gave a great talk before scribbling in all our books. The place was packed and since I got there with just a few minutes to spare, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to mingle before Stephanie got to it. I did get to talk to Monica, who continually knocks my socks off with her socks. We agreed that we were both resisting the urge to start quilting because it turns out that fabric stores are crack dens much in the same way that yarn stores are. But I think I may have convinced her to give needle felting a try. Despite all the bleeding, it really is fun! I also talked to some women who really liked my new tote bag, but I forgot to ask if they had blogs. If you’re one of those women – Hi, it was nice to meet you!

A bunch of us headed over to a restaurant afterwards and I had the pleasure of being seated next to Mamacate, Kat with a K (and her killer red shoes), and Amysue, whom I have never met. I’ve never gotten to spend much time with this particular array of ladies and I was so glad I did. Funny, brilliant, charming women, one and all. And Amysue was carrying a bag she’d made from this awesome fabric festooned with busy 1950’s ladies doing busy 1950’s ladies things in a busy 1950’s kitchen. Seriously, there were at least eight women in that one kitchen, doing everything from getting peas out of the freezer to decorating a wedding cake! Of course, I was partial to the one twirling around aimlessly with a chocolate cake. All were properly attired in full skirts and heels. This makes me love Amysue instantly.

I also left last night with a Finished Object! I made a visor from Bud cans. Carole’s brilliant husband, Dale, came up with the perfect name for it. A Budvisor! HA! I hope I didn’t offend anyone at the table by whipping out the trifecta of kitsch – Red heart yarn, a crochet hook, and pieces of beer can with holes punched in them! I’m still tweaking it a bit, but the pattern for that should be up soon. As Jackie noted, it would be perfect on the golf course.

I had a great time seeing everyone yesterday. Thanks for all the kind words and congratulations about the book, both in person and in comments. As dorky as it sounds, I really did do it for you guys.


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These kids look just like the 1970s version of the future. Maybe this is what Logan was really running from.

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Moments after regaining consciousness, confusion sets in. She wonders, with a grim suspicion of the truth, whether she showed up to the party wearing the blanket or if she just woke up that way. Unsure of which would be worse, her friends vow never to reveal what really happened.

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Put down the soldering iron and close up that bin of iron ore, your days of hand-forging lovely tabletop accessories are over. This magical form of fiber manipulation is called “wrought iron crochet.”  Now even you can give ordinary cotton this patented super-cotton strength to hold hefty items like cigarettes and butter cookies. Take that, smelting process! Who needs you?