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After a very productive TNNA, Caro and I are feeling renewed and refreshed and exited about promoting the book in the new year. We considered TNNA to be Knitting It Old School’s Quincea┬▒era. Partly because we didn’t have any materials available for TNNA summer, and partly because I like the thought of our book wearing a super fancy frock on her special day.

KIOS looks so grown up, doesn’t she? (If I could think of a single reason to wear that dress anywhere, I totally would.)

So as part of our adventure in whoring promoting our book, we will be talking with Mary Beth Temple on her fibercast, Getting Loopy! We’ll be there on Monday, 1/17 at 9pm eastern. The cool thing about it is that you can call in to talk to us and ask questions! Since the show is centered on crochet, I fully expect someone to ask what the deal is with the word “knitting” in the title of the book, even though there are 9 or 10 crochet patterns in there. I’m trying to come up with something better than the fact that “Knitting and Crocheting It Old School” just didn’t have the ring we were looking for.

Visit the Getting Loopy group on Ravelry to find out more about how to listen live, call in and join in the live chat, where you can also ask questions. The show is hosted on BlogTalkRadio, where you can even set up a reminder so you don’t forget about us. Don’t worry, you can set the DVR to tape Real Housewives. Nobody wants to miss NeNe getting all up in Kim’s grill on the tour bus, am I right? We’re human, after all.

So then after that, we’re heading to New York City (is it just me who says “New York City?!” with a cowboy accent like in the Pace Picante commercial? Do I watch too much TV? You can tell me.) Anyway, we’re heading to New York City (New York City?!) to attend Vogue Knitting Live. I’m taking a 2-part sock class with Cat Bordhi on Friday and I’m really excited! (nobody tell that I haven’t done my homework yet.)

But we arrive on Thursday and Thursday night (1/20), we’re doing a reschedule appearance at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio! Seating starts at 5:30 and the presentation starts at 6. We were really lucky to get an appearance to begin with, but then we got trapped in LA when the snow storm hit last week, so we weren’t able to make our appearance last week. So we got even luckier that we were able to reschedule it. Those folks at Lion Brand are the bomb-diggity! So pop by and see us and buy bagloads of yarns. Woo!

We’ll be setting up more engagements soon, so stay tuned. Like the Monkees, you never know where we’ll be found. So you better get ready, we may be coming to your tooooown!

And apropos of nothing, here’s an awesome cat picture. It’s Mike and Chi Chi lounging on the bed. Mike has since gotten his semi-annual lion cut and had his anal glands expressed, so, you know, your week could have been worse.