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So here we are, back at my brand new old blog. I’ve had it since 2004, but it’s been redesigned a few times and most recently, hacked by – who knows – people who are concerned about your enlargement issues, most likely? Screw those guys, they cost me at least a couple of pairs of Fluevogs to get their handiwork all cleaned up, the bastards. Lucky for them, it was totally worth it.

Instead of marching around in a pair of divine Lourdes boots , I hired the suprememly talented and ever-patient Carrie at Identity Web and Photo ┬áto fix up my tattered little blog. You long-time knitbloggers will know her as Carrieoke. I know! I’ve known her blog and her name for years, but it took until now – after internet vandals rolled me for small change – to get in touch with her. Trust me, if you have needs on the intertubes, Carrie is your go-to gal. She’ll fix you up, right as rain. Your blog will thank you for it! She is every bit as delightful and helpful as you’ve imagined looking at that bright smile all these years. Hire her. Just do it. She rocks and she will make your blog not suck, and we both know, your blog is kind of a hot mess right now. I only say that because I love you and you need to hear it.

Now that my blog is all patched back together, the old posts have been archived, and the Museum of Kitschy Stitches has been shuffled off to it’s own corner of the internet, I am left with something of a blank slate. I’ve been hesitant to blog for real, even though I do it in my head all the time. Seriously, I mind-blog in the shower all the time. I spend a lot of make-believe time with you while I’m naked. A lot. It makes me a little uncomfortable, frankly. Let’s never speak of it again.

Anyway, I’ve felt a little boxed in by the whole “knit blogger” thing. I don’t knit as much as I used to, and I don’t want to talk about it all the time, even when I am knitting something. I have a lot to say and have felt constrained by the walls I built for myself. But no more! I am unleashing myself from the yarny ties that once bound me! I am declaring myself officially free to talk about whatever the hell it is I want to talk about. Woo!

Knitting? Awesome, I’ll tell you all about it. Sewing – check. I’ve got a room full of fabric that needs discussing. Cats? Obviously. As a now-divorced woman who has five cats, I am surely bound by some law that states I must discuss these little poop machines at length until I finally die and they consume as much of me as they can until someone wonders where I’ve been for the last few weeks.

But also – politics. Seriously? Conservatives can’t seem to take us back in time fast enough. Give ’em a TARDIS and we’ll be back in petticoats and gender-specific roles assigned to us by the oligarchical patriarchy to keep us in our place so we never realize how fearful they are that it is women alone who hold the power to decide the fate of future generations (and therefore, future wealth, prosperity, and indeed, society) in no time.

Feminism? Super important to me, but lots of ideas to hash through to figure out what it really means, if it really means anything beyond “Dude, quit being such a fuckhead. Who said you need to “let” me have equality, why don’t I just have it all automatic-like? You know, like men do?”

Nail polish? OMG, my newest obsession! Is Spectraflair a true linear holo? Discuss!

Cooking? I suck at it, but I’m trying.

So yeah, I am dying to get back to blogging. I’ll try to keep it entertaining, but it’s also going to get a whole lot more . . . I don’t know – Honest? Potentially offensive to people who like to be offended – so I guess that fits in with entertaining. And funny. I really need to bring the funny back. So there’s that. Stick with me and maybe we’ll have some fun! Or not. We’ll see.