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Signup deadline is Sunday, October 9th, at midnight.

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when a knitter’s thoughts turn to folly and festivals. And you know what that means, right?

Rhinebeck Bingo!!

That’s right, folks, it’s the best excuse yet to hug perfect strangers at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. We’ve been playing for a few years now and I think it might be becoming something of a tradition. It’s a great way to put a face to the bloggers and Ravelers you’ve been following and befriending in virtual space, now it’s time to hook up in meat space!

There are three ways to join the fun; you can be a player, a square on the card, or both*. Players are not required to have blogs or Ravelry accounts, but you must have one of the two to be a square on the card. There will NOT be separate cards for Saturday Only and Sunday Only players. That was just way too confusing and one of my eyes twitched for almost two weeks after trying to make that work. It really unnerved the cats.

The names of participants will be randomly placed onto the bingo cards. Players will be sent a card electronically at least a week before the festival so you can scope your targets out beforehand. Hopefully they’ll offer hints about how to identify them. Just print it out, take it with you to Rhinebeck and let the games begin! It’s a guaranteed good time as you seek out the bloggers on your card.

Everyone participating will be entered to win something cool from an array of fabulous prizes. If you’d like to donate a prize, please let me know! I’ll be creating a list of prize donors soon. Dudes, people are donating some amazing stuff.

I will also be making 2.25″ buttons for everyone so you can easily identify fellow bingo buddies. If you still have yours from years past, you can use that one again if you prefer. You’ll be able to pick the up at RedMaple Sportswear, your Official Rhinebeck Bingo Headquarters. I will add their booth number when I have it. Or just look for the disco ball. They will also be giving all bingo participants a Buy One/Get One Free coupon on their organic cotton socks. They’ll have a list of participants in their booth, so see David or Mel for your coupon!

Keep an eye out for info about meet-ups as well as a growing list of participants and prize donors. I’ll post any updates on the Ravelry group as well.

*Everyone will get a card, even if they sign up as “just a square”. That way, if you change your mind, you’ll have one. And I don’t have to keep a third list, leaving me less room to screw something up. Win-win!

T-shirts and hoodies are available! They use the original designs that I commissioned from Franklin Habit back when I first started the game in 2006, I believe. They are SO cute. It was really nice to see them again. Franklin and I will be splitting the proceeds, but I tried to keep the prices as low as I could.

Please be aware that the design contains a white background, so that will show if you choose a colored shirt. I tried to make tote bags, but it wouldn’t let me do it using the type of image file I have. I need to do some investigating.


If you’d like to enter, here is the email address: rhinebeckbingo at gmail dot com
(take that, spambots! No bingo for you!)

So, send me an email with:

-your name (no last name necessary. If you provide it, I won’t post it)
-preferred email address (I know, this seems extraneous, but I hate digging around in the header of the email. I’m lazy. Whaddaya gonna do?)
-Ravelry name (if you have one)
-blog name and address (if you have one).

I will keep a list of players and squares here. I’ll update every couple of days, so check back often to see who’s playing!