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They dreamed of a day when all natural fibers, and all of nature itself, would be a thing of the past. Mere remnants of an inconvenient age where cotton had to grow and be picked, sheep had to be shorn, and cows had to be…well, thunked on the head and peeled, they imagined.

Their plan to destroy the earth’s bounty grew from their love of easy-to-care-for acrylic, polyester and naugahyde. Even their wigs and false eyelashes were made of wind-resistant orlon. And soon their daily regime of aerosol sprays and backyard plastic bonfires would render the world safe from stains and wrinkles.

It was the only way.

The way into the future!

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I’ll be doing an embroidery even for the opening of the new Madewell store on Newbury Street in Boston on Thursday, 2/19 (today)! The address is 329 Newbury St. I’ll be there from 6 to 8pm, embroidering jeans for customers. Usually people stick to names or initials, but I can write whatever you want in 8 characters or under. I even started doing little flowers, bees and ladybugs. I try to accomodate, so pop by and see me! Be warned, they specialize in the skinny jeans. They’re great-looking and have lots of really fun, bright colors, but they’re – y’know – skinny. However, they also have great lightweight jersey scarves, really cute tops, sweaters and skirts. My favorite dress is from there, actually.

In other goings-on, I recently got some amazing fabric designed by Project Runway winner, Jay McCarroll. I love this stuff. Between the colors, the crazy creatures and the fact that they’re easy to mix-n-match, it’s like he made them just for me! Thank you, Jay! Let me know if I can make you a beer can outfit or something in return for your kindness.

And look at these little pink ants wandering around on some logs. And wee shroomies. Awwww . . .

I couldn’t wait to start playing with it and came up with my first batch of little snap wallets. They’re the perfect size for credit cards, business cards, or even knitting notions. I’m working on some iPhone sized ones. Since I don’t have an iPhone, I need to make one out of foam core first. I know, it’s sad.

Here are a few of the wallets. I’m really happy with them. They’re available in‚ the Bags and Pouches section of‚ Etsy shop. If you see some fabrics that you’d like to mix and match in my shop, let me know and I’ll whip up a custom one for you!

And here are some I made using some cute vintage fabric.