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(this is how I would like you to imagine Caro and I as we embark upon the book tour.)

There are so many goings-on going on, I can hardly stand it! But in a good way. I love being busy. I work best in crazypants mode, so my motor is really humming as autumn has begun rolling out the leafy carpet.

The first bit of excitement is that I was accepted to be a member of Boston Handmade!! I’ve long been an admirer of the amazing artists involved and it’s a great honor to be accepted. I’ve been wanting to immerse myself more into creative pursuits and this is exactly what I needed. It’s time to being my A-game because there is some serious talent in this group.

Rhinebeck is less than two weeks away. WHAT!?! How did this happen? Honestly, I’m stunned. I haven’t been for the last two years, so I’m really excited to get back to my favorite stomping grounds. And I fired up the Rhinebeck Bingo machine, too! The sign-up deadline is October 9th at noon, so spread the word and climb aboard the Bingo train.

Knitting It Old School has been getting some great feedback, Caro and I are so delighted, it’s almost embarrasing how much we giggle about it. Girlish glee abounds. My favorite comment so far about it is from Pam Wynne, the designer of Rally. In her words, “at least 50% this book is 100% bananas.” Ha! That made me laugh and laugh. Clearly she gets it.

We kicked off our promotional extravaganza with the WEBS podcast, Ready, Set, Knit. Check it out, we sound like we actually know what we’re talking about. I did say “um” a fair amount, but I’m working on it. Kathy and Steve have such a great rapport on the show, it cracks me up. She is an amazing interviewer, I was impressed with how smoothly it went and how comfortable she made us feel. Thanks, Kathy!

We’ll also be doing a book signing and trunk show at WEBS on October 9th, so come by and let us scribble in your books. I have to say, I still feel weird writing in books, I spent most of my childhood being told that it was just about the worst thing you could do, and now people just hand me books to deface.

We’re still cobbling together our tour schedule, but it’s filling up fast. Here are some highlights:

Oct 16&17 – We’ll be signing books in the authors tent at Rhinebeck

Oct 30&31 (and hey, maybe the 29th) – signing books at Stitches East at the Elegant Ewe‘s booth. Kelly Bridges, who created the gorgeous Apres Ski Skirts works there, too!

Nov 6th – book signing and trunk show at Purl Diva in Brunswick, Maine.

Nov 12th – Big presentation with photos and everything at the Common Cod Fiber Guild.  We’re going to talk about the whole book-making process and I promise it’s going to be really fun. We’ll be laughing a lot as we tell you some crazy stories and show you behind the scenes shots. We’ll also be showing some of the pieces that inspired the designs in the book.

I’ll update the blog as we add things. We’ll be heading to different parts of the continent later in the year, so stay tuned for details!