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All fixed! If you entered by midnight, you’re on the list. If you did enter by midnight and STILL aren’t on the list, let me know. Or if you’re in the wrong section, let me know.

I also added the Prize Sponsor page, check it out! I’m still adding prizes, but these are the definites so far. Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far! I know it’s not for charity, but it’s part of what makes Blogger Bingo fun, and to me, making fellow fiber fiends smile is always a worthwhile cause.

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  1. Mel says:

    Um, where’s my name? :-)

  2. minnie says:

    sigh. i will never get to rhinebeck

  3. Lucia says:

    Still there. Whew!

    Btw, in the nothing to do with anything dept: I finally had to alphabetize my knitting books. You ended up next to McCall’s Book of Needlework for Home and Family. I laugh every time I see you snuggling together.

  4. pigbook1 says:

    sadness i thought i had til the eighth as the rules page says :-( I definitely missed an update somewhere. Just as well, I can’t wait to see the winners and all!

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