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Do you ever wonder what happened to this unfortunate father and son duo?

Did they come to their senses and free themselves from the maniacal needles of doom? Did they convince the lady of the house to start making manly sweaters with stripes and skulls and naked ladies on them? Or did their miserable lives trudge forward along the testosterone-draining road she knit before them?

You decide.

~sigh~ Looks like that guardrail at the lake was a little stronger than the old man thought. Now he’s working on the one at the jogging track behind the high school.

Poor guy, what a sap. Look at him workin’ it for Junior. “C’mon son, buck up! If we keep training, maybe we’ll be able to run away someday. But for now, let’s just be thankful for our matching turquoise cabled turtle-head sweaters. You look just like that terrific Precious Moments figurine I gave you last week! Isn’t that swell?”*

*bonus creepy points for those black leather OJ gloves. Don’t worry boys, if they don’t fit, they must acquit.

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  1. AuntieAnn says:

    Oh, ick! Why did they ruin those perfectly nice cabled sweaters like that?!

  2. maryse says:

    the sweaters themselves are perfectly fine.

    the headgear — not so much

  3. Isela says:

    The sweater is ok, but the head-covering is just not the best thing.

  4. April says:

    Is that thing PART of the sweater or some unfortunate accessory? They look genuinely freezing butt cold though! brrr

  5. Pam says:

    I like how the son has this perfectly snitty look as if to say, “Jeepers, Dad. What did you ever do to Mom to make her dress us like this?”

  6. Laurie says:

    The kid can’t pretend that this is a good look. Father/Son crime team? they look like they are up to no good.

  7. Aunt Beep says:

    Well, it’s official – you just found yourself a whole new gaggle of obsessed readers. We love LOVE your blog – and I posted about it here:

  8. Matt says:

    It’ll take years of therapy for that kid to undo the psychological damage inflicted by those horrible clothes.

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. dooberoo says:

    Mom please stop doing acid before knittng clothes for your husband and son.

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