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Team Stitchy!!!

And the crowd goes wild! Stitchy was a long shot this year, with many convinced she’d be outwitted by the twitchy little rodent. It’s long been known that her biggest weakness is a furry critter of any kind, and if the first two rounds of the Squirreled Series were any indication of things to come, Stitchy was going to get owned. But in a stunning upset Tuesday night, it was the squirrel’s weakness that was his eventual undoing. As rumors of the squirrel’s taste for peanut butter surfaced, Team Stitchy hatched a cunning plan to exploit this vulnerability. The trap was smeared, sunflower seeds were embedded, and although he had denied his addiction vehemently, the interloper was unable to resist the rich, creamy goodness.

Unfortunately, there is no photographic documentation of the victory as Team Stitchy was actually in the car on the way home from work when the game was won. Team Brother was, however, on the scene and provided a play-by-play recounting of the events. It is reported that the squirrel was on the small side and looked rather scruffy. It is surmised that said scruffiness occurred during the critter’s stay in the basement as he looked fluffy and clean when he leapt out of the ceiling just days ago. Early reports also indicate that the squirrel departed with a belly full of peanut butter and seeds as the food tray was completely clear of residue. Team Stitchy finds the idea of the little squirrel licking up all the peanut butter to be adorable. All parties involved felt badly that it was such a rainy, windy night, but upon his release into the yard, the squirrel headed straight up a nearby tree. No doubt he has already drawn up a crude map and is devising a new plan with a growing squirrel army. Chances are good that he is actually, at this moment, wearing an army General’s hat and has taken to using a riding crop for gesticualating powerfully in front of his troops. Luckily, the homestead is reinforced with ten housecats just looking for something to chase.

Here is one team of four cats warming the bench, just waiting for their chance to join the game. Bring it on, twitchy.


*ok, I’ll admit it, they don’t look like the livliest or killiest bunch. But these babies can go from napping to deadly in seconds. Seriously. You just try and stop them. Sure, it would be better if the squirrel were to position itself directly below one of their paws, but no need. ~ahem~ They’ll wake up. Aaaaany minute. Mark my words. You can groom something to death, right? Because once they start that . . . hoo boy, ain’t no stopping them. *cough* Y’know, or they may just want to toy with the squirrel for a while. Bat it around, cuddle with it, make it feel comfortable. Then BAM! More . . . cuddling.


Here is some knitting. It’s a basketweave pattern from Viv Foster’s Knitting Handbook. Nothin’ heavy, just a simple knit/purl thing. But I’m really enjoying watching it come together. For all its simplicity, it looks pretty detailed.


And the back is even cooler! I love when my knitting treats me to little surprises once in a while.



18 Responses

  1. Fiber Fetish says:

    WOO! I’m first!!

    Oh yeah, those guys look real ready. You better hope they don’t blink. Oh look, too late…


  2. Stingdragon says:

    Three cheers for squirrel eviction and outwittment 😉

  3. tabbytuxedo says:

    You go Team Stitchy!!

  4. Kathy says:

    The Home Defense Brigade look vigilant and alert and ready to defend the house against … yeah, I got nothing.

    Good on you, though, for outwitting the wee beastie.

  5. Yarn Abuse says:

    Woodland animals beware!’ll get fed and released back to your home!

    Congrats on your victory =)

  6. Kathy says:

    I can see those cats have mad leap killing skilz.

  7. Colleen says:

    My money was on Team Stitchy the whole time.

    I made a blanket in that stitch, and I couldn’t decide which side to call the right side.

  8. Cara says:

    Oh thank god. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking of the squirrel roaming around your house. You’d think it was in MY house or something.

    Good luck with the cat brigade. They look like a scary bunch.

  9. ErLeCa says:

    Oh yes, you must watch out for those cuddly cats… That squirrel should be shaking in his boots..

    What’s the basket pattern going to be, a scarf?

  10. Norma says:

    Wow, that IS a surprise (the back of that basketweave)! What’s it gonna be?

  11. chelsea says:

    Three cheers for Team Stitchy!! I knew you could beat that thing… 😉

  12. Carole says:

    Those cats look about as alert as Homeland Security. Just sayin’

  13. Sneaksleep says:

    The back of the basketweave is amazing! I always knew Team Stitchy would win in the end. :)

  14. Ruth says:

    Doin’ the Wave for Team Stitchy! I knew you’d outwit/outlast/defeat the little rodent.

  15. Julie says:

    Is it just me, or is there a squirrelly part in your basketweave pattern. Down there on the lower lefthand corner. Not that I noticed, or anything.


  16. Laurie says:

    Squirrel armies tend to be very disorganized, and won’t march on command. Raccoon armies, however, are to be feared.

  17. maryse says:

    yay glad you won. although i imagine the squirrely licking his chops to also be very cute.

    i don’t have a couch big enough for four cats. haha

    sorry i’m only now commenting — i’m way behind in my blog reading

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