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You’d look a little pale too if your intestines were packed tight with the convenience of reusable plastic shopping bags. And that constant look of dull surprise is more than likely a direct result of the entire household taking full advantage of that convenience.

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  1. caro says:

    The look on her face is what kills me.

  2. maryse says:

    ok that’s just creepy

  3. lucia says:

    Oh my gosh; I need one of those!

  4. Inky says:

    I don’t know what would be worse – pulling a bag out of the bottom, or having to shove them in. She needs a blindfold. OR maybe I do now.

  5. Kellee says:

    Ooooh. It’s like that scene in Aliens where Sigourney stumbles onto the Queen bug. You know the one, right? When she’s layin all the eggs?

    Except that, somehow, the queen bug from Aliens as a knitted plastic bag holder is somehow LESS creepy to me.

  6. Constipated. She looks constipated. And no wonder!

  7. Kat says:

    Such inspiration! I’ve got Java’s poop bags stashed in large cloth bag hanging from a hook in the closet. THIS is a great alternative.


  8. Ruby Plaid says:

    Wow. Remember Seinfeld? There really is a doll that looks like George Costanza’s mom!

  9. I can’t stop looking at her face and the she’s just hanging there waiting for her next assault!!!!Whoever thought of this idea has people chained up in their basement knitting for them!

  10. connie says:

    where can I get the knitted bag holderpattern

  11. paula Mitchell says:

    Do you have any other knitted lady bag plastic bag holder and where can I get them

  12. leiscchen Menges says:

    Hi there, Looking at your comment above, I see that my daughter Paula Mitchell requested patterns for a plastic bag holder, while I was over here in Australia last year July to September 2007, I came across a pattern book for knitted plastic bag holders, it was the last book and I missed it by one day. This book had five bag lady patterns with doll heads and only one had a black and white cow head from which the bag holder hung from, is there anyone out there that can tell me where i can find and purchase this book.

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