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One of my favorite things about crocheters is the way they play fast and loose with the concept of “dressed” vs. “naked as a jaybird”. I’m all for running naked and free, but it shouldn’t require four skeins of Red Heart and a size 7 hook to get there.

Take this acrylic homage to Cleopatra in chainmail. (Cleo was big into the medieval reenactment scene before anyone even knew what it meant.)

This beach cover-up drapes the model from head to toe and yet, there’s not a whole lot of covering up going on.  My assumption is that she’s wearing a bikini under there, but the bizarre variegation of the yarn appears to be rendering the scraps of clothing she does have invisible. How is this possible? I cannot speak to the magic of crochet, ‘tis a mystic wonder. But I do wish they’d shown us a photo of the reverse grill marks she got after a day of cheerless frolicking in the sun.

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  1. Caro says:

    The Cleopatra head thingy (it’s not a snood, but I wouldn’t call it a hat either) would leave a rockin’ tan line too. It’s like she’s wearing camouflage in case she has to hide in a cotton candy factory.

  2. Erin says:

    Are you sure she’s got a bikini on under there? Maybe it IS just the yarn, but it could also be some nip action. EEEK.

  3. Melissa says:

    I think I can just make out a swimsuit bottom but I’m not so sure about the top… And what the heck is that thing on her head? It looks like the designer was trying to channel Lawrence of Arabia.

  4. Babylove says:

    I think this is a cover-up MINUS any bikini to cover-up!
    I remember there was a time when it was NOT sexy for your “Farfallina” to look like a 12 yr. old girl’s…

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