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I’ve been very bad. I’ve been trying to curb the yarn-buying for a bit so I can use up what I have. Unfortunately, to keep my mind off yarn, I’ve bought a number of knitting-related books in the last week. Of course, 3 are pattern books, so that will require me to but more yarn.

I’m stuck in a knitting spiral!

I got Rowan #s 28 and 29 from eBay (those haven’t arrived yet), Confessions of a Knitting Heretic (spiral bound edition) and Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book 2 (a real bargain at 10 bucks!) Hello Klaralund, my pretty.

Still chugging away on the Hallowig and Manly sweater, but haven’t gotten any done in the past few days. Between work and social obligations, I haven’t gotten my knit on. Tonight is the night, oh yes. Tonight.

And just so you know, things like this are why I love working from home!


awwwwwwwwwwww . . . .


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  1. melanie says:

    Lucky girl, indeed! I have often dreamed of working at home…

    maybe one day.

  2. Amie says:

    A very similar photo (with twice the number of felines) is why I want nothing more than to work from home….

    Lucky girl… and it sounds like you know it, which is even better!

  3. monkeemaven says:

    Aaah! Your cats are gorgeous! I wish mine would sleep. Ever. It’s alleged that cats sleep most the day, but the three terrors in this house must never sleep.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just started my Manly sweater. Are you doing yours in the round? I started doing my straight, but am wondering if I should switch. I am a little confused if I am supposed to add the three knit stitches to every row like the start-up row. Like the instructions say…”Knit 3, p1, work k5 p1 rib to last three stitches then knit 3.” Does that mean every row is like that? Maybe it would be easier in the round?

    -Nice Knits

  5. I am doing it in the round and loving it! I’m knitting it with 3 knits at the beginning and end the whole way. The rib where the join is will have 6 stitches instead of 5, but it’s on the side and you can barely notice. Just make sure you put stitch markers where you start and in the middle so you know where to separate them once it’s time to do the arms. I try to knit in the round as much as I can. I like to avoid stitching things together when I can, plus our kitten goes bananas when I use straight needles. He’s the same way when you try to use a pen. He can’t help himself and must bat them around. If you haven’t gotten very far, it definitely might be worth switching.


  6. mayflwr says:

    heheh, ‘Stitchy McYarnpants’- how wonderful!

    I totally feel your yarn-splurging..I’m the same way!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your cats! I can’t wait to get a cat (or two, or three!) soon! :)