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It’s Christmastime and everyone’s abuzz in Blogland. There’s a distinct air of joyful stress. Or is it stressful joy? Either way, needles are flying, cookies are baking, hair is being torn out at the root. In the spirit of the season, here is my Christmas To Do list. Turns out I like making lists!

1. Adhere to marriage pact – avoid purchasing gift for Jon.

2. Adhere to friends and immediate family pact – avoid purchasing gift for friends and immediate family.

3. Purchase gifts for in-laws.

4. Make pact with in-laws for next year and all others.

5. Recall past years when decorations were still up in April.

6. Finish following calculation: 4 Cats + 1 Christmas Tree = ?

7. Take another look at Dot’s Santa.

8. Joyfully avoid decorating for the holidays.

9. Think wistfully about how nice it would be to knit gifts from the heart for loved ones.

10. Selfishly decide what to make for myself with All That Yarn.

11. Pat self on back for getting everyone on board for this year’s Christmas plans – ditching the whole fa-la-la thing altogether and heading to Foxwoods.

12. Think about what to have for Christmas dinner at the buffet.

13. Work on having Scroogey children so I never have to return to Christmas Stressland.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So far around our house, 2 Cats + 1 Kitten + 1 (undecorated) Christmas Tree x 6 days=1 attempt to climb

    Tree is still standing…at the moment. Good luck!


  2. Miriam says:

    Holy monkey crap! How in the hell did you ever get everyone to agree not to give each other GIFTS?? My family all seem put upon that they know they’re getting food items that I canned this summer instead of my usual handmade stuff that I start making in July. They understand though that that’s what happens when you’re going to school, graduating, working fulltime and selling the handmade stuff.

  3. Deenz says:

    Well, if do escape to Foxwoods and happen to pass New Haven, you can come an KIP with the New Haven crowd, LOL! We’d even take you yarn shopping…shocking!

  4. Minxxy says:

    cats plus tree = CHAOS!
    Everytime I look at that armless Santa I am in stitches!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you need a Festivus Pole (see yesterday’s NT Times if you forget the details of the Seinfeld-inspired alternative)
    julia fc

  6. Elisa says:

    You’re the smartest Stitchy in all the land!

    I’ll be flying to Georgia at 7:45pm Friday evening and flying back from Georgia at 6:22am Sunday morning. Fun? I’ll let you decide.

    Please enjoy the buffet while I am trying to eat just enough not to offend my hosts. :)

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