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We don’t need no stinkin’ deadlines!

Well, ok, we do. But we don’t need to stick to them so rigidly. Originally, the deadline to sign up for Blogger Bingo was October 10th. But because the space-time continuum has clearly been futzed with in the past few weeks, or what would appear to be the past few weeks, but really could have been 10 minutes or six years, I have extended it to the 11th. But I mean it, if you don’t enter by the 12th, that is it!

Got that? New deadline for Blogger Bingo Sign-ups is now October 12th. I need to assemble the cards over the next couple of days, and once they’re put together, it gets really confusing to change them. Come to think of it, it’s confusing to put them together in the first place. Then, because Yahoo only allows me to send out a certain number of emails in a certain amount of time, I can’t just send them all out in one sitting, I have to space it out.

So once the whole making-the-cards thing is done, there’s not much I can do to add you to a card as a square. Last year, we did have some squares cancel at the last minute, so I was able to replace them with late entries who were on stand-by. I can do that again this year, but can’t guarentee anyone a spot after the 12th at midnight (eastern time).

Players, however, are waaay easier to accommodate. I’ll even have some extra cards at Rhinebeck for people who decide right then that they simply must get in on the action. More info on where to find Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo Headquarters, located at David and Mel’s booth for “A Craftsman’s Touch”, when I find out where the booth is located.

And I really need to be doing a normal, non-bingo post at some point. But when? WHEN, I ask you??

Also, if you signed up as of October 8th at midnight, you should be on the Player’s list. Please check to make sure you’re there and that I have you listed correctly. And if you want something from the Cafe Press store, do it sooner rather than later so it gets shipped to you on time! I know a couple of people didn’t get their stuff in time last year, which was a total bummer. Don’t become another sad statistic.

Thank you, that is all. Over and out.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I am sorely tempted to add my baby to the game board, just to have an excuse to buy her the “Catch Me If You Can” onesie.

    See you at Rhinebeck!

  2. becky says:

    I wish I was going!!! I have a friend who has a square….so I won’t see her or you!!
    Been waiting years to work and now I am….

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