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It seems that Dot didn’t appreciate the whole “knitmare” thing and has decided to tell her own side of the story. Since I didn’t want this blog to become overrun with the ramblings of a fiber-eating maniac, I have helped her create her very own blog called Fiber Fancy . It’s a place where pets of all kinds can share their stories and handiwork without feeling the disapproving glare of humans.

If your pets would like to contribute, send an email with whatever they’d like to post along with a picture of themselves and/or their work. Kitty p*rn will NOT be accepted. Dot’s email address is FiberFancy at Yahoo dot com.

Cats today. They’re spoiled rotten.


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  1. mayflwr says:

    ooooh having her own blog is such a fabulous idea!! It’s so cute and funny! yay!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Puff has been wanting his own blog ever since I let him post to mine. If he sees that Dot has her own, he’ll never leave me alone!

  3. melanie says:

    You are too funny! Are we still on for Knitsmiths on Sunday?

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