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The audience at the 1945 International Science Consortium was stunned into silence when my great-grandfather, Schnapsidee von Genesplice, presented his thesis. The theme that year was Quadrupedal Temperature Change and he had stumbled upon an ingenious plan to keep tender paws warm and toasty.

These twisted kittens would never again lose their mittens, for they had been genetically altered to have woolly mitts where tiny paws should be! Their misshapen heads and a suspicious lack of any discernible noses or mouths shook fellow scientists to the core. Suddenly, panic broke out in the front row as the “cats” approached them, their crooked torsos being dragged along the stage by five stumpy legs. The marked absence of any tails was just too much to bear and convinced many that science was best left to the fiction writers.

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  1. Stephieface says:

    It looks like they are pleading for an end…
    that is truly creepy

  2. maryse says:

    jesus mary and joseph…what the hell are they?

  3. Carrie says:

    I think that I may have had one of these as a child–I looked at this and thought “I loooooooooooooove them!” It must be a reaction to a repressed memory!

  4. Jessica Bing says:

    This appears to be the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film ‘Gremlins’. Wouldn’t you agree?

  5. Rita says:

    Actually, I think the kittens are kinda cute. But the mother disturbs me. What is that – a tabby/dachsie cross?

  6. tasha. says:

    I agree, the momma is truly the scary one. It looks like her one back leg is sprouting out of the other. Creepy!

  7. Terri Lynn says:

    What were people eating to come up with this?

  8. grayvyxen says:

    Dear God… it really looks as if they are hauling themselves along the floor on their front leg-stumps towards the camera!
    I now lie on my bed at night with my eyes wide awake in fear…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Notice the strange objects the two in the front have clasped between their ‘paws’. Are those severed human tongues?

  10. ladylinoleum says:

    Now, who doesn’t adore pompom kitties?

  11. Kitt says:

    I have a couple of those. My grandmother used to make them for church sales.

    And people bought them.

    Thanks for the fun site!

  12. Laura says:

    I think I made some of these!

    Hmm…maybe my family was just being polite when they said they liked their Christmas presents. Picture the cats in red & pink.

  13. gaby says:

    allo could you please send me the pattern off the kitty and instruction please thank you send its too me in my e-mail thank you for your attention

  14. gaby says:

    hello could you please send me the pattern and instruction to make the kitty thank you

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