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Holy crap! Almost three weeks gone and you’re still here. Thanks! You’ll never believe what’s been going on. It’s been quite a time, let me tell you. First, I was locked in Sam’s meat locker with Bobby and Greg. Man it was cold and those two are total whiners! It’s a good thing Bobby is such a shrimp, otherwise he never would have fit out the window. And since he was the one who shut the door in the first place, he pretty much had to or Greg and I would have killed and butchered him for Sam’s special of the day.

When we finally got out, we all went on a vacation to Hawaii together. You know, to take the edge off. Well, it turns out we were cursed by some ridiculous tchotchke. Yes, it’s clearly the tiki’s fault that there was a spider on the tropical island. And heaven forbid we should all just admit that Greg may not be the greatest surfer in the universe. Yes, let’s all blame the knick-knack from the hotel’s gift shop. But meeting Vincent Price was awesome. I totally thought he was dead.

So after that whole fiasco, Jan became delusional and thought she was dating a boy named George Glass. It was really sad. She actually made arrangements to have the operator call the house so everyone would think she was getting hot and heavy with “George” on the other line. Pathetic. Honey, I don’t think it’s the freckles that are scaring people away. It was almost as bad as that time Cindy had a psychotic break and thought she was Shirley Temple or when Marcia thought her dentist was hitting on her. I think maybe Carol wasn’t as careful with her pregnancies as she should have been, if you know what I mean.

Well, when Mike and Carol finally got everyone’s meds straight, this little kid named Oliver showed up and he looked like trouble, so I got the hell out of there.

So since I’ve been back, I’ve done some knitting. I am in the very unfortunate position of having someone to make a chemo cap for. My friend’s mom has lymphoma and is going back in for treatment. She will be having more than her share of no-hair days in the weeks to come. I figured she could use a fun little hat and scarf set. The hat uses a single ball of Berroco Chinchilla and since I used two colors, I used the leftovers for a little scarf. Here is a free pattern for the chemo cap. I casted on a few times using a cable cast-on so the edge would have some stretch to it and just didn’t think that size 9 needles were going to make the hat big enough. The row of 60 stitches just looked so short. I switched to size 10 needles and still had my doubts, but lo and behold, the thing grew. I probably would have been fine with the 9s. When I showed it to some friends, they each wanted a set, and I’m going to make one for my mom, too. I’ve never dared to use double-pointed needles, but I had to switch from circulars at the very end. All I can say is that I need practice.


I’m also chugging along on the Stitch n Bitch Hoodie. I’m hoping to have it done by next weekend, but we’ll see what happens. My mother-in-law is coming next weekend and we’re going to collect my mother and head to Patterworks on Sunday! Wheeee . . . I mean, I’m on a yarn diet, but I’m sure it will be pleasant to just do some browsing. 😉

The color in this picture is washed out, but this is the front, back, and finished sleeve. I just have a sleeve and a hood to go.


And here is Mike helping me show off the front pocket. I’m very proud of this part. It came out way better that I thought it would.


And here is a random bit of cuteness to help you on your way. Behold the Chloe sandwich!


Oh, by the way. On my way back from Hawaii, I stopped by the Museum of Kitschy Stitches. They sorted out the plumbing problem (apparently all of the toilets exploded last month and they had to cancel the exhibit), and it looked like they were putting the finishing touches on a brand new gallery!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ummm, if a mother or MIL buys the yarn does it break the yarn diet?


  2. Dani says:

    The pocket on that hoodie looks a bit like the one on the Wonderful Wallaby sweater that was all the rage a few years ago. Is it constructed with some stitches from the body that were put on hold so there is no seam?

  3. Johanna, I think that is completely within the yarn diet rules. Here’s to hopin’! :)

    Dani, that’s exactly how it’s made. For the bottom partm you have to mark two stitches and pick up everything between your markers, then you knit up to the stitches on the holder and voila no seam! It’s easy and it looks really cool. I’ve never seen the Wonderful Wallaby, I’ll have to check it out!

  4. Rabbitch says:

    If someone else buys you the yarn, it is not breaking the diet. It also doesn’t have to be included in your stash. It’s just “stuff” that’s somewhere in the house. If someone GIVES you yarn from their stash, it reduces their stash while not increasing yours.

    And I’m glad you’re back — I was about to delete your link you great big slacker.

  5. Kim says:

    Well, I for one would NEVER delete your link, but I’m glad as heck to see you back!

    Screw the yarn diet! Have an orgy instead!!


  6. yarnspin says:

    Whew. Thank goodness you’re back. I missed you! Your sweater looks great, and your kitties are adorable!

  7. Elisa says:

    Oh yeah, baby, we’re still here! 😉

    I love the chloe sandwich – I’m a complete sucker for cute feline pictures. It definitely falls under the guilty pleasure category.

    Have a great week!

    • Jayden says:

      My nephew's high school football team had their 6&9#;;4&quot3, 250 lb defensive end handle their place-kicking and punting duties. He could reliably make 40 yard field goals and occasionally nail a 50 yarder. His kickoffs consistently were in or past the end zone and he was also an awesome punter, sending one 85 yards with some help from the wind and a bounce.

  8. Sandy Kadrie says:

    Whew! We were getting ready to send out the search parties. Too bad we didn’t, Hawaii would have been good.

    Yarn diet? What’s that?

  9. mayflwr says:

    *sigh* i’m on a yarn diet too ..not because i have too much yarn (wellll…) but because i have no more space in my tight little budget for yarn *sigh*

    Ooh, I’m moving to a place where I can have pets next year and have been contemplating whether to get a cat or a small dog….yours are tooo cute!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Missed you-love the kitty sandwich!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Stitchy –

    I think you may have Bradymania. I suggest you take two Cosby Shows, one Growing Pains and the opening credits of The Partridge Family and post again in the morning.

    – Stephanie

  12. Sarah says:


    Okay, that post was worth the 3 week wait…..

    Can’t wait for the opening of the new exhibit at the MOKS….

  13. Kimberli says:

    Thanks for the laugh!
    Any must-sees in Hawaii? I may be heading that way!
    The hat scarf set are fab! Thanks for the link…I to have someone in my life battling cancer.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh Stitchy…your cats are too stinkin’ cute! If you put my three with in a six-foot radious of each other, hissing starts, nasty looks are given, and more often than not, there is blood shed (Always mine though for some reason. I’m not the one they hate, why bite me??)

    I love your site. Very awesome, and the MOKS absolutely cracks me up! Keep up the good work =)

    -Kate (A recently new knitter)

    • Jerry says:

      These are great tetaepmls. Kenya is a great place with many beautiful scenaries and am sure kenya would look beautiful in them. Will recommend them to my friends.

  15. Who knew when i started reading the McKnitter that I’d need/want your Chemo Cap link… of all the bazillions of patterns out there, I think yours is the BEST… and I’m SO glad I don’t have to look like the drummer/groupie girl from the Giggle’s band. AEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

    Hope all is well in YOUR world.

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