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The other day there was a knock at the door. I’m powerless against a well-executed diaper hat, so I let them in. But there’s something a little disconcerting about a baby in a pair of sunglasses. This one was a roughian, alright. Look at the knuckle sandwich she’s fixing to deliver. That baby means to kick my butt!

Clearly she’d been‚ drinking, so I thought it best not to upset her. In my haste to avoid a soft, tender beating, I offered her anything she wanted. Turns out she wanted a hug and for me to pretend to nibble on her toes. After she had her fill of giggling, she and her henchman left as mysteriously and abruptly as they had arrived.

Then I got back to the task at hand – admiring my new socks!

I haven’t shaved my legs since I got back from vacation in Florida*, and I was going to try to get rid of the stubble in Photoshop. But then I decided to embrace it instead. Enhance it. Accentuate the obvious, if not positive. Hawt!

The yarn is Spunky Eclectic Skinny Socks in Atomic Melon. One skein, size 2 Brittany Birch dpns (one of which is now broken because I hold them too tightly), Wendy’s Toe-Up Sock. All stockintte with a one inch ribbed edge. The foot has 60 stitches, but I increased them to 64 after doing the heel to avoid a lot of stretching where the top of my foot bends. That kind of hurts if it’s too tight, and socks shouldn’t hurt. I also like a little extra room for my cankles to move. I find that picking up a stitch at either side of the gusset when you finish the heel helps keep a huge hole from forming on the sides, then a couple of rows later, I add two more stitches. It seems to work well for my particular appendages.

I love them.

*Yep, we were in Florida a couple of weeks ago. I even have pictures. I came across a baby alligator that looks just like a reptilian version of Mike! I’m not crazy, you’ll see. He even has cute toes.

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  1. Mel says:

    Leg hair helps keep you warm in the cold weather. At least that’s what all my female classmates argued in MN. I’ve never done a comparison study myself, but it seems like a good enough rationale not to shave them. In the summer, I think it helps protect your legs from UV damage.

    I currently own nine size 2 Brittany sock needles for the very same reason. It’s so sad when they suddenly go snap.

  2. ErickaJo says:

    Wow, I think photoshopping leg hair into sock pictures may revolutionize the way women blog their sock pictures. No more apologizing for leg fuzz! Seriously, though, did you try EZ’s sewn cast off? Because I heart that for toe ups.

  3. Carole says:

    Love your mad photoshopping skilz!

  4. Sara says:

    Love the socks… I had been looking at the Atomic Melon colorway and am glad to see how cute it knits up!

  5. Norma says:

    First laugh out loud at a blog entry in a long time! Embrace the leg hair! Love it. That baby and her henchman are pretty cute, too.

  6. Jackie says:

    You need leg hair like that to survive the end of winter here. Way to embrace it baby.

    I love how the Atomic Melon knit up – I had a whole different picture in my head when you bought it (don’t you love vareigated yarns for just that reason??)

  7. Karen B. says:

    I, too, would have been powerless against “a well-executed diaper hat.” Ha! Very funny :o)

    Those Atomic Melon socks are da bomb!

  8. ladylinoleum says:

    Very funny pic…

    Thanks for brightening my day D!

  9. haha- that is too funny.

    Great socks! Love that colorway knit up too. :)

  10. claudia says:

    That’s some funnyassed photoshopping.

  11. YES YES YES….embrace the leg hair!! :-) At first glance I thought Fun Fur!!!

  12. Lee Ann says:

    The diaper helmet. I can’t decide if she looks like the leader of a new alien race or a George Clinton wannabe. Maybe both. If she starts singing “We want the funk,” look out, dude.

  13. LEO says:

    AGH and to think I just got off my ass to shave my legs to take pictures of MY new socks!! Or rather, I did it yesterday and was too lazy to take a picture until today, so there is now razor-sharp leg stubble in my photos. If only I was this clever!!!

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