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I got my little store all set up, checked and rechecked to make sure everything was right. Found a bug in the html code and fixed it, then rechecked it to make sure it was really right. And then I got an email from Karrie suggesting I might want to actually post the prices.

It’s always the immense details I overlook. Whoopsie. So now it’s all updated and working and actually informative. And look, all the cool kids are shopping there!


The appearance at Graceful Stitches went really well, we ended up raising $500 for breast cancer research! And you have to see what Maryse made. Behold the Pepperoni Tree of Goodness and Peace!

Could Wendy and I be more dazzled? No. And would you believe there’s a whole website dedicated to this ancient art form? Believe. It’s based on the one made by Charles Phoenix, who I now have a huge internet crush on. He performs slideshows using vintage slides and is actually doing a Christmas-themed one in L.A right now. I really wanted to go while I was there for Knitty Gritty, but I just didn’t have time.

Speaking of which, now that Knitty Gritty knitting is over, I’m back on my finishing binge. I need to felt, wash, block, and seam a number of projects which I’ll hopefully getting finished over the next week or so. I really need to get that Olympic Knitting finished, know what I mean? So some actual knitting content is on the way!

Also, check this out! Julie from Subversive Cross Stitch won a holiday ornament contest hosted by those smarty pants at NPR! How cool is that? I love Julie and I’m so glad her brilliance has now been acknowledged by public radio. And if you like her ornament, check out this cross stitch kit she designed. Rock on with your back self, Miss Julie!

In other news, I’m totally sick of mashed potatoes. And yogurt. And soup. And other various and sundry mushy food items. Why, you ask? Welp, I finally went and did a very grown up thing. I made a dentist appointment. But it was no ordinary dentist appointment, oh no. It was with a periodontist and that is never good news. I had to have a gingival graft and it was delightful. If you consider having skin removed from the roof of your mouth and sewn to the gumline along your entire row of bottom teeth to be delightful, that is. I guess it was like a craft project, in a way. A very gory, bloody way.

I’ll give you a moment to shudder.

So now I have two big raw spots on the roof of my mouth and the stitches on my gums are covered in this silly putty sort of stuff, so when I eat something warm, it takes on the delicate flavor of plastic. Yummers. But maybe I’ll lose a few pounds and most likely not every single one of my bottom teeth will fall out now. So that’s good. Needless to say, I have been in need of a good servant to meet my mashed potato needs and Jon has once again come through with flying colors. They were instant, but the water did have to be boiled, the flakes had to be fluffed with a fork, and the plate had to be hand delivered to me in the crater I made in the corner of the sofa.

Take a rest, dear sweet husband, you’ve earned it.




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  1. elisa says:

    Seriously? That’s a hell of a thing to have done right before The Christmas Eating Madness begins (or maybe it’s evil genius…I’m not sure which).

    Regardless, I am wishing you a super speedy recovery!

  2. melanie says:

    That’s some expression on Ginger’s face. Did you put the pepperoni tree in front of her?

    Go Jon with the fluffing and the boiling. What a man! I can’t wait to see your dazzling new smile!

  3. maryse says:

    i can’t believe there’s an entire website for wienie trees.

    i love the internets

  4. Sara says:

    I’m so sorry that I missed out on the yummy fundraising goodness – I had a fern ready and everything!
    Here’s to a speedy recovery, diving back into food that needs to be chewed and congrats on such a sweetie pie hubby.
    Merry Christmas to you both! I hope we’ll see each other in the new year!

  5. Laurie says:

    It’s either a clever dodge around the holiday food excess, or a bit of S&M we didn’t know about you. Heal soon!

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