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After many long years of waiting, survivors from the wreckage of the Good Ship Lollipop have been found and rescued!

What started as a sweet trip to a candy shop ended in tragedy as the G.S. Lollipop went down in flames on a sunny beach somewhere in the Peppermint Bay area of the West Indies. There would be no happy landing on a chocolate bar for them, no bon-bons would play on that fateful day. Rescue teams failed to find the caramelized fuselage and gave up the search after two weeks.

When survivors were interviewed, they told fantastic tales of lemonade stands everywhere, crackerjack bands filling the air, and sugar bowls doing the tootsie roll. Blood tests revealed that the water they’d been drinking was tainted with hallucinogenic fungus residue. Claims that some crew members had been overtaken by a big bad devil’s food cake remain under investigation and a team of physicians are looking into complaints of people waking with tummy aches. No one wants to invoke the “C” word, but rumors of rampant cannibalism on the island are swirling.

Due to their steady diet of sugary treats, the survivors were amazingly hyper when they were found. They greeted rescuers with a choreographed dance routine that employed not only jazz hands, but jazz feet. The buzzing castaways made due with what they had and with ingenuity that could only be inspired by eating entire fistfuls if Pixie Stix dust, they spun and knitted yarn using crates of cotton candy from the cargo hold. Their encampment resembled a  nudist colony during the rainy season, but their resolve to remain clothed never wavered and they continued to fashion more candy clothing as the weather allowed.

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  1. Stitchy says:

    This is test comment to see if commens are working because they might not be.

  2. Nichole D. says:


    She looks like she’s ready to “step into the light”.

  3. heather says:

    its the wavy “charlie brown” squiggle through the hem that makes the outfit – CB is going to be HUGE in ’08! (as are jazz feet!)

  4. maryse says:

    makes me want to pull out my size 19 needles.

  5. Shannon says:

    So we can only assume that it doesn’t rain on this island as cotton candy becomes much less…um…firm when submitted to wetness.

    Also how twiggy-thin is this woman to wear this thing!

  6. Beth says:

    Your blog is hilarious! I’m adding it to my faves.

    • Jaylen says:

      If I coaetnicmumd I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

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  7. Carissa Bergerson says:

    Debbie-you kill me!!!!!! Damn- i’m not smokin’ crack-y u make me laff so frikkin hard!

  8. Claudia says:

    I think we have found Mr. Hankie’s (of South Park fame) long lost pet!

  9. Eden says:

    um… wonder where I could find a pattern for that.

  10. GlobalWarmer says:

    So the “F” floating near her is either the grade the designer got, or the end of the “WTF” someone was yelling as she jazz-footed closer and closer…

    And whose head is she dancing on?

  11. knitgirl says:

    I SOOOOOO want to make this dress. Does anyone have a pattern? It probably wouldn’t be tooo hard to figure out…..sheeeesh! love it!

  12. Sera says:

    People should read this.

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