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Just a quick not to say there will be a Blogger/Ravelry meetup between 12 and 1 outside the food building. It’s sort of a non-officiated, casual thing that Jess mentioned would be a good idea. Usually Cara puts it together, be she seems to have other things on her mind. And bladder. So the group will probably just kind of amass organically, and disperse much in the same manner.

Also, tsocktsarina says there will me a message board set up at VanCalcar Acres in Building D, space #26. Their booth is also being used as a meetup point for some Ravelry and Knittyboard people (I’m not sure if there’s a specific time), so if you can stop by any time to leave a message for someone if you’re looking for them! Sweet!

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  1. --Deb says:

    I know I’ll be there!

  2. Jean says:

    Yeah! I’ll be there! See Y’all then!

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