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I was recently delighted to have an opportunity to sit down with Guido of It’s a Purl, Man. He came over, we had wine and pizza and talked about men’s fashion, specifically in knitting patterns. Clearly, it wasn’t a conversation about how great it all was. :)

Here are all the photos we looked at and talked about during our conversation. As you listen, scroll through so you can laugh and learn along with us! Click here for the podcast. It’ll open in a new window so you can look and listen. I hope you enjoy it, I’m happy with the way it came out.‚ I listened to it so I could do my best to get everything in order and it was disconcerting to hear my voice. Do I really sound like that? I’m not saying it’s bad, but I mean, if you heard it and didn’t know‚ it was me, would you know it was me?‚ It harkens back to the days of the old Boston Museum of Science commercials. ““My name is Karen!” It’s fun to find out what your voice really sounds like!

Also, I just wanted to mention that although we laughed about the titleof Annie and Drew’s new book “Men Who Knit‚ & the Dogs Who Love Them”‚ and joked that men were merely novelties, the book really is smashing. I was lucky enough to meet Annie in Los Angeles and got to paw through a suitcase full of gorgeous stuff from the book (as well as this one) and it’s fantastic! They both are, actually. So take heart, fellas and pups, there is light at the end of the tunnel of fug.


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  1. maryse says:

    did you trash the needle master? because i love the needle master.

    i promise i’ll listen./

  2. minnie says:

    the color block sweater on the girl is cute. on the guy? ummm, no. however, the bobble sweaters? aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh my eyes, my eyes, they burn, they burn! NO MORE F**KING BOBBLES (ever seen priscilla of the desert?)

  3. minnie says:

    that was priscilla, QUEEN of the desert. sorry

  4. Leanne says:

    Oh that was just too funny. Thanks for the belly laughs. Listening to the podcast, while looking at the pictures was hilarious.

  5. melanie says:

    oh dear lord, that last picture? with the hot pants? and the PURPLE?

    sweet jesus..

  6. caro says:

    That second to last picture is now my wallpaper on my ‘puter. Words cannot express how much I love that. It’s like boozy 70’s ski cabin Roger Moore knitting catalogue. LOVE!

  7. Heather says:

    The long male vests – scary. Just scary.

  8. Sara in WI says:

    I read but usually don’t comment on your blog…just laugh and enjoy to myself. However, this podcast and blog combo were hilarious and so noteworthy that I am emailing friends to be sure to check you guys out! Very funny, but too true, having grown up in the 50’s and 60’s.

  9. ErickaJo says:

    Oh gods. You broke me. I will be unable to function for the rest of the evening. I’m going to make the manknitter in this house listen to that. The visuals and the podcast are like the Wonder Twins, kinda nifty on their own, but no where near as effective.

  10. kc says:

    Just listened to the podcast while looking at the pictures – too funny! The part about him going down into his lair (in that condo pool that has *not* been cleaned) had me laughing and laughing!

  11. Stacy says:

    Y’all made me cry. In a good way. :) Thanks.

  12. marnie says:

    I had a goal this weekend… to laugh so hard that I would have tears streaming down my face. Thank you for helping me reach that goal

  13. Wow- those are even better than I hoped. hehehe

  14. elisa says:

    My eyes feel violated.

    And I thought ghosts were scary.

  15. La says:

    ouch, my eyes!

    Dammit, you ALWAYS do that to me!

  16. Lee Ann says:

    Opal Tiger had a predecessor? Ouch.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! That is DELICIOUS! I can’t decide which I like better, the belted tiger stripe or maybe the block sweater with the stirrup pants – oh there is the swimming pool sweater! I wish men really dressed like this. It would make EVERYTHING more fun!

  18. kit says:

    OMG, I grew up in the 60’s and back them GAY meant ‘happy’. Now I’m not so sure!

  19. Juno says:

    OK, the last one is – somehow – the most horrifying. Not just of the lot you show, but up there with the scariest things I’ve ever seen.

  20. bambini says:

    Lavoro eccellente! ..ringraziamenti per le informazioni..realmente lo apprezzo: D

  21. Kellie says:

    Dear God, I looked at this before breakfast and now I feel decidedly queasy (particularly after lloking at the last picture). Eeee the horrors!

  22. totti says:

    Dein Aufstellungsort verdient nur gute Woerter. Danke.

  23. Laurie says:

    Grace yarn in person was sumptuous.

    Yeah, the doldrums hit. I’m with you on the internet addictions. Freecell. Flippin’ freecell. Then websudoku which I SWORE I would not do. And blogs. Have you mentioned blog reading?

    I need to knit more, and organize my files and my stash. There! Knitting related content.

  24. Sstring says:

    the horror…the horror…
    but seriously, a lovely meld of podcast and blog. I loved listening to you guys actually turn pages and react. Altho’ I wanted to see allllll the pictures.
    the bobble sweaters look like buboes from the black plague…

  25. claire says:

    The scary thing (or it should be scary) is that 20 years from now, people will be looking at all the hoodie patterns, and crop top patterns, and saying the same things “what were these people thinking?”

  26. Kimber says:

    HEY! My mom was given that same needle master set! We have tried to figure out how old it was for the longest time!

    I loved the interview!

  27. benessere says:

    ooo! it’s one of the best sites ever! :)

  28. tracce says:

    Interesting comments.. 😀

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