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OK. Stop what you’re doing and think about quilts for a minute. Stick with the first image that pops into your head. What did you see when you thought about a quilt? Was it tumbling blocks or calico squares? Was there a 1950’s style grandma with a perfect bun and sensible shoes standing near the quilt? Did you think of the quilt providing warmth on a cold night? Or of church craft fairs?

Me, too. But not any more. In the past few months, I realized that my image of quilting was the same as some people’s image of knitting. My first realization came when I ran across Melody at Fibermania. It turns out that quilts can be as complex and artistic as paintings. I don’t know why I never realized this. I guess it had just never occurred to me. But check out some of her amazing work.

And even more recently, I learned of PaMdora. She took part in the Special Guest Edition of the MOKS. Her quilts are more like illustrations. They’re funny and full of action. Imagine that. Action/comedy quilts.

Do yourself a favor and check out the links on these two ladies’ websites. Enjoy a whole other species of fiber addict. They’re not too different from us knitters, actually. They use all kinds of different types and textures of fabrics, they dye their own, and their houses are crammed to the gills with creatively placed stash. And they also have the pleasure of knowing that quilts from the 70’s were freaking awful, just like knitting! They’re sisters in obsession and we love them!

Of anyone wants to share a link to their favorite quilter, or if you are a quilter, please post a link in the comments. I’ll gather them up and make a section on the sidebar. I don’t know why, but I’m just taken by them lately. And no, I have no plans to start quilting. I don’t have the space and I don’t need another obsession. And that’s that.

On another note, Dot’s clothing labels finally came, so I will be sewing it into Marnie’s shirt tonight and will be sending it off in the mail tomorrow, along with the other booty she won. I also need to scan in something I’m adding to the prize package, I got it from Maryse at Bags n Trash and to see it is to want to poke your own eyes out with a size 3 dpn. Awesome! Merci beaucoup, Maryse!!!

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  1. Cece says:

    I starting quilting about a year ago… I’ve been knitting since a was a kid. So when I sit and knit, I can totally space out and think of other things – which sometimes is a good thing, other times a bad thing. One day, when I was going though a stressful time, I walked into a quilt store. The COLORS! The different patterns! I was hooked.

    I’ve made about 5 quilts since then… love it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 6 years. I recently got sidetracked by knitting. It’s fun. I actually get things finished. I like hand quilting, it’s slow but satisfying. I like having something to keep my hands busy. I find quilting more challenging, but I love putting colors and fabrics together and I love the complexity of it all. Knitting has other challenges. Hey, I think that my 5th sock is going to be the one that fits. Thanks for the fun blog, Tracy

    PS look up Yvonne Porcella for some fun and exciting art quilts. She really rocks.

  3. Rachel says:

    These folks, though heavy on the God stuff (not my main interest), make stunning quilts. Each year they put out a calendar that features one square per month, all on a theme (adding up to a full quilt), and the calendar comes with instructions to make the quilt yourself (these instructions are so ridiculously daunting that I don’t look at them for fear of brining on a crisis of inadequacy). The calendar is quite beautiful, and you can ignore the Bible verses if it’s not your thing.

  4. carolyn says:

    There’s going to be a quilting exhibit at the MFA from June 1-August 21. It looks really interesting. I’m going to take my quilter-mom. Here’s a link:

  5. Stacy says:

    Thanks so much for the links! I added PamDora to my blog. I LOVE her stuff. I can’t imagine how she even begins to create these beautiful quilts…

    Oh, if there were more hours in the day, and more square feet in my apartment!

  6. Colleen says:

    This isn’t quilting per se, but this woman’s work is along the same lines.

  7. stephanie says:

    The first thing that popped into my mind was my mom. She’s a big quilter, always has been – and by hand. Her mother crocheted, so I come by the whole fiber addiction honestly. Quilting seems like too much work to me – all those little pieces to cut and can’t easily fix a mistake like in knitting. Anyway, she is the grand poobah of the Mid Appalacian Quilters this year and they are putting up a nice camp this year. Check it out.

    (They’ve changed the site; there used to be two of her quilts on the page.)

    If you go to my blog in the next day or two you’ll see the baby quilts she made for my boys.

  8. Mrs. Mel says:

    OMIGOD Stitchy I am walking on the ceiling!!! To be recognized by you, my idol is too much. I must go lie down. Gushing from every pore, your indebted fan,
    PS You realise of course that I have five ufo’s on the needles as we speak and am having project panic as I leave for another five day teacing stint. What to bring that doesn’t require changing yarn every other row (ten colors, mitered squares) or complicated charts? I believe it will be my 35th pair of sox…

  9. Patti B. says:

    There are so many amazing quilters out there, and a lot of us knit too! Mel is one of my favorites, along with Laura Wasilowski at and Gabrielle Swain at

    I have been knitting and sewing since I was a wee small child. I started quilting about three years ago and am starting to branch out into more artful fashion sewing.

  10. Deborah says:

    It’s true! We’re all in agreement that Melody is super fantastic. In fact, I’ll be taking a class from her on Friday. Aren’t I lucky?! More of my favs include Luann Udell
    and Carol Taylor
    and Lorraine Roy and really great super from the Sonji Hunt who has one of the best blogs on our Artful Quilters Webring. You can see my stuff too at
    I’ll admit I’ve been successful at resisting the knitting bug. Not enough time or money… but it sure is tempting.

  11. DebR says:

    I wandered over here on a link from Mrs. Mel…what fun! Loved reading your 100 Things list!

    I’m a quilter, but none of my current blog entries show it. Oops. I have one at the moment that talks about knitting and shows me in front of one of my quilts. Does that count?

    Anyway here’s a link to my blog: Red Shoe Ramblings
    And here’s a link to my embarrassingly outdated website (I’m going to update soon, I SWEAR!): Deb’s Quilts

  12. Debra says:

    Ah, Stitchy. YOu’ve opened a PamDora’s box of trouble.

    For lots of artistic quilter’s websites go to Mel’s or Pams and just click on the Artful Quilt Weblog ring. There are 65 of us!! WE tend not to be quite as funny as you knitters… but we’re working on it.

    My own blog is

  13. Chris B says:

    You’ve got to check out Hollis Chatelain’s work at She has a great website, be sure to click on the detail button of each quilt………

  14. Mamie says:

    Without a doubt, my fave quilter is Denyse Schmidt. Here website is: She is everything I am not when it come to quilting: spontaneous, adventurous and not so wrapped up with all the points meeting.
    I also like the Fun Quilts duo:

  15. maryse says:

    pamdora has a mini in fabric. did you see it?

    a mini!

    and i can hardly wait to see what i sent you again. my eyes are still not 100% healed from the initial onslaught of visual horror.

  16. Jo says:

    Guilty. I’m a quilter and a knitter and a spinner. For wonderful art quilts, go to

    My blog is

  17. PaMdora says:

    Hey Stitchy
    you make me Twitchy
    with your Museum of Kitschy
    Please don’t think I’m B_tchy,
    and hey thanks for the Pitchy!

    (A really crummy poem by PaMdora)

  18. Tres says:

    Stitchy, you rock!

    Mrs. Mel is one of my favorite quilters, too! But, my absolute very fave of all time is my big sis, Emily Parson, over at She also knits at

    Other faves are Susan Shie of Turtle Moon Studios at and Jeri Riggs at [OK, so maybe I’m a little biased because I happen to be dating Jeri’s brother. Imagine our shock at the discovery that both of our big sisters are art quilters!]

  19. Emily says:

    Hi Stitchy, I was going to blatantly self-promote my website and blog, (since you invited) but I see that my brother has already done so, yay little brother! We have a great little colony of knitting quilters out here in Chicago, ya gotta come visit sometime. Besides me and Melody who have already been mentioned, see our other pals Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson

  20. Snooze says:

    Have you run into these girls yet? I was thinking they might be channelling you…


  21. christine says:

    My mother OWNS A QUILT STORE!!! I’m trying to nudge her into present day time and get a website running for her, but she’s scared! I wonder if quilting is next for me, as my mom USED to be a big knitter and weaver, before she got the quilting bug! She’s crazy! But I got alot of cool quilts in all different styles, plus free reign of fabrics!

  22. Elisa says:

    Dude – thanks for the nifty links. If I start talking about buying fabric next week though, it’ll be your fault.

  23. sara says:

    My friend, Regina, is a quilt artist: Modern Quilts. They’re very beautiful.

    All these quilts are so inspiring – time to put down the knitting needles and dust off the sewing machine?

  24. Brooke says:

    My friend Erika is an incredible quilter. They are paintings in fabric. Her website is

  25. Micky says:

    Just wanted to let you know I added your link to my blog.

  26. Anonymous says:

    PaMDora’s stuff is awesome, and while I think that Melody’s obviously talented, the colors that she uses feel like acid in my eyes…

  27. witchypooh says:

    If you ever get a chance. Check out the Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA

  28. Lauren says:

    This site has some awesome quilts, and block designs.

  29. Marnie says:

    My favourite quilter is Penny Sisto. You can view her work here:

    She did many quilts of my good friend (and aunt) Brenda, who is no longer with us… here is one example:


  30. jamie says:

    Ummm, Stitchy? Where’d you go? I hope everything’s good with you!

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