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Ok, I finished the cards and have started sending them out. Yes. I just finished them. It took about 12 hours longer than I thought it would. Nice. I haven’t been able to send them all out yet, though. Yahoo mail only allows you to send out a certain number of emails per hour. I have hot that number. There were 13 emails to send out because there ended up being 13 different bingo cards. I have three left to send out and will do it first thing . . . uuuhh . . . this morning. I really can’t stay up for another hour to wait to be able to send these out, so I’ll do it when (if) I wake up before work.

I tried my best to get everyone the cards they should have, but if you notice a discrepancy, if you got a card for a day that you’re not going to be there, or you find out I’ve put you on a card when you aren’t going to be there, let me know and we’ll fix it up all lickety-split like.

Obviously it’s too late to sign up as a square, but players can still sign up. I will also have a bunch of extra bingo cards with me at Rhinebeck, so you can always pick one up there.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any extra “I’m a Square” buttons. They’re all spoken for at this point. It may be too late to get one from Cafƒ© Press, but you can still print out the image and slide it into a plastic sleeve and attach it to a tote bag or something. Click here for the Square’s‚ logo‚ or click here for the Player’s logo.

Ok. I really need to sleep.

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  1. Adelle says:

    Thanks for doing this… I think it’s going to be fun! :)

  2. --Deb says:

    Yes–thank you for all the work. This is a wonderful idea. I can’t wait!

    And now I need to go study the people on my card that I don’t already know….

  3. Kirsten says:

    Thanks, I got my card when I checked my e-mail this morning. At first glance it certainly looks like I got the right one. My sister is on mine. Kind of like a free space, since she and I are going together. 😉
    The amount of work this took must have been daunting. Thank you for taking the time to do this so that we can all play!

    I’m off to check out my squares blogs now!

  4. scout says:

    Oh man. I’m sorry that it took so long to do it! I can’t tell you how many things I’ve gotten myself into like this that seems like such a great idea and then in the middle of doing it I think, “What the hell was I THINKING!”

    Like Indie Swag, Soctoberfest yarn, DYE-O-RAMA….yeah, I must like torturing myself.

    Get some rest!

  5. Carole says:

    I got my card this morning, thanks for all your hard work. See you again soon!

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