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I think someone forgot to tell micro-mommy that the pattern for this skating skirt also comes in adult sizes. I bet she wouldn’t have listened, though. I sense a turbulent daytime-televisionesque relationship blossoming here. Prom night is going to be disastrous for little Susie Ryan, I just know it.

She’ll come down the stairs in the new frilly frock that her mom made and blush demurely when her boyfriend’s eyes turn into saucers as she descends. She’ll feel so special, so pretty, at long last. Then she’ll realize that her mom is right behind her in a pair of taffeta hot pants made from the leftover material. And so are the days of the lives of all our children, so young and restless. But that’s how it is when you just have one life to live, you’ve just got to follow that guiding light and do your best to be bold and beautiful as the world turns. Luckily, there’s a killer rehab program at General Hospital.

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  1. Stephieface says:

    Susie Ryan needs an evil twin that’s come back from the dead like three times to torment her. It may have been that evil twin who made Susie’s socks

  2. Kellee says:

    Holy whoreskirts, Batman! I can see her crotch. My eyes! My eyes!

    And YOU, missy – with that effing brilliant soap opera roll-call – I’ll see you in Santa Barbara. Heh.

  3. Kat says:

    I hope they included the pattern for the skate pom-pom accessories. See you in Port Charles.

  4. maryse says:

    and maybe in another world, susie ryan won’t give into her passions

  5. Suebob says:

    Nice va-jay-jay, Mom. It must feel so crisp and refreshing, letting it fly in the winter breeze like that!

  6. dee says:

    Love your sense of humour you always make me laugh out loud. Don’t stop I need a daily guffaw.

  7. Adrian says:

    I hope that kid doesn’t fall and pull her mother down, because mom’s vagina will certainly get scuffed on the ice.

  8. Eleni says:

    I was thinking that mom put on the daughter’s skirt and vice versa. Seriously, you can even see her thigh fat. More muff horror.

  9. fairy says:

    so. funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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  11. dooberoo says:

    Look somehow the two females got the skirts mixed up. The little one is wearing the taller model’s skirt. If the tall one were to bend over….shudders at the thought.

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