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The Red Sox ain’t got nuthin’ on me, baby! They may have red socks, but I’m going to have a black tank, a tan sweater, a blue hoodie, a green felted bag, and an assortment of buttery soft scarves!

Melanie (who has also documented our lovely day she’s got foliage pictures and everything!) and I trekked out to the scenic hills of Harvard, MA to attend the Fiber Loft’s 30th anniversary sale. Happy Anniversary, indeed! We made sure to meet up early so we could get prime pickins. I printed out the wrong map, so we had to ask for directions once we got to Harvard. I’m constantly getting lost, so this is Standard Operating Procedure for me. I pulled into a gas station where a cute mechanic asked where I was headed. I mentioned the street and that it was a yarn store. My jaw almost hit the floor when he not only told me where the street was but what the actually yarn store looked like and how many doors away from the stop sign it was. Granted, there was only one main street in town, but I prefer to think that his house is full to the brim with yarn. Picturing those oil-stained fingers around a pair of knitting needles made me smile, so I’m just going to go with it.

As luck would have it, we got there shortly after they opened and before it was too crazy, so we had a great selection to choose from. Much to our delight, there was an upstairs. Our eyes lit up at the very mention of it. I almost missed an entire room of stuff, but in true knitting buddy fashion, Melanie brought it to my already over stimulated attention. Between the two of us, we emptied a few boxes for them. You know, as an anniversary gift. It was a great time and here is what I hauled home in a big, clear plastic bag.

Here’s a rundown of the contents:

– Classic Elite 03 Tweed, mostly in blue but a couple of skeins of burgundy in case I’m in need of a stripe. I think I’m going to use it for the hoodie in SnB (I need to check the gauge).
– Classic Elite Pima cotton/Alpaca blend in tan. It will some day be a very soft sweater.
– Classic Elite Believe, which is a lumpy black cotton with little bits of shiny rayon here and there. This is going to be a tank top.
– GGH Samoa in a sort of burnt umber and green. There’s not much, so scarf it is.
– GGH Soft Kid. Mmmmmmmmmmmm
– Peruvian Wool cones, which will probably end up as a felted something.
– Katia Buffalo in dark brown and black. This is a cool poly material that is sort of polar-fleecy/suedey. This is earmarked for Jon’s winter scarf.
– Assorted cotton in assorted colors. I found a bag of possible leftovers, but the colors are so pretty. My mom has already deemed that these become a spring scarf for her.

Here’s a close-up of the Soft Kid. They had some purple and light blue. Now I wish I had snapped it up.

And here is a scarf that I made out of some non-sale yarn I got. It’s Online Linie something-or-other. I lost the label. It’s amazingly soft, like I skinned a bunch of stuffed animals (good ones, like Gund. Not some cheesy carnival ones).

After shopping, Melanie and I found a little cemetery where we parked our behinds on some rocks and knit for a spell. She also gave me another bunch of vintage mags from her mother-in-law!

There’s an 80’s one in there that was actually painful to look at. We’ll be seeing more of these in weeks to come. And I gave her the Oopmah Loompahs, which turned out to be some alpaca from A Touch of Twist. It’s the same color as I got – “Middle Earth”. See the Rhinebeck post for a picture. Once we got cold, we headed off for lunch. Now, when I think of a quaint New England town, I think of little cafes and coffee shops. Apparently I need to rethink my position. We drove around for almost an hour looking for a place to eat. I figured if we just drove in concentric circles, we’d eventually find something. This is also SOP for me, and luckily, Melanie actually likes driving around aimlessly. This is a good thing when you’re in my passenger seat. Finally we found a little Mexican place that was pretty good. It was a good end to a really nice day. Pumpkin muffins, yarn, magazines, burritos . . . what more could you ask for?

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  1. Miriam says:

    *drools on your stash*

    *plots how to sneak into your house and make off with some*


  2. Michelle says:

    Oh you lucky girl! All that yarn looks so yummy. What a perfect day you had.

  3. melanie says:

    The 80’s mag is actually from my coworker, Todd’s, neighbor or relative or something. I think my MIL had stopped knitting by then, thank goodness. The 80’s mag is the one with the TAXI and ROCK-N-ROLL sweaters I mentioned when you first opened the museum. It is painful, but I know you can do something with it.

  4. Kim says:

    You are my favorite blog! I am always sitting here just about to pee my mcyarnpants reading your blog!! I send everyone that expresses even the slightest interest in fibers, or that has perhaps worn fibers in their lifetime to your site.

    Keep it coming!!

  5. mewright says:

    Hey, I found that exact Minerva mag (or are they all the same?) in my mom’s collection. The pics are terrific…makes you wonder how they all kept a straight face while doing the photo shoot.

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