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Ok, I’m coming out of my cocoon briefly because of all this craziness with suspicious devices being found all over Boston. I was looking at the message boards over at and someone posted something very interesting:

Here’s the text of that message:


Why is no one catching on to this?

Scroll to the bottom photo on the right.

Now look at it in the dark.

Now go look up Mooninites. Or Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Or Cartoon Network.


If this is the case, I for one welcome our new pixelated overlords.

On the upside, my guess is there will be a lot of job openings in the Marketing Department at the Cartoon‚ Network very shortly. Dust of those resumes . . .

Why does this make me so giddy? I just can’t wait to see what happens, the anticipation is delicious.‚ Lots of folks are freaking out because they think terrorists are just testing‚ reaction times and whatnot, but imagine a city held at a standstill because a cartoon character was‚ giving it the finger.

‚ Huh.

**Update – OK, they figured it out and updated the story I linked to. And now Deval Patrick is mad. But you know, I don’t really think they intended it to be a bomb scare or anything, just a cool, cute ad campaign.‚ Now I feel bad for Adult Swim. They’re just a bunch of geeks like the rest of us and now look.




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  1. Marnie says:

    I love the Mooninites! I’m so glad they are finally here.

    In our new world,I hope I will be seen as a meatwad.

  2. aaahhh… our fair city. hehe

    I think it’s funny that a rookie or somebody didn’t identify it early one.

  3. Kat says:

    Ummm, because some of us don’t watch Adult Swim cartoons and if you look up into the rafters of a highway overpass at 8:00 in the morning (pre-caffination I’m assuming) and see a bunch of wires, duct tape, and little bulgy things, it doesn’t look much like a cartoon character.

    That said, from some of the photos I saw it did look like the bomb squad was handling the item pretty casually so I’m pretty sure someone on the ground there figured it out.

  4. That was wild. (The only thing that ever happens here in boring Podunk is the teenagers egging the Taco Bell sign…)

  5. Amanda says:

    The funniest thing to me is that these have apparently been around for WEEKS and no one said a thing…
    Although whoever thought leaving unmaked mystery packages in public places was a good way to advertise? Kind of missing the point of “advertising”, as in “getting your product name out there”. If you did not already know the show it would mean nothing to you, and why advertise solely to those who already partake of your product?

  6. claudia says:

    SO *this* gets you to blog?


  7. Teenuh says:

    Hey Stitchy,

    Did you realize that you are blogging under two different paths on your site? Your last update was under the /moks06/ directory but this one is under the /knit06/ directory (and doesn’t show up at the moks06 path..)!

    I heard about this today but didn’t have a chance to read it. Talk about a whole lot of hoopla about nothing. :(

  8. June says:

    I wonder if the police culture in that area is to overreact more than other police cultures? I remember when they evacuated the Arlington T-stop (incl the day care and shops/restaurants) and stopped running trains past Davis one night when someone found a… What was it? A bagged lunch on the platform? I guess it’s better to be overly suspicious than not, but it makes me wonder.

  9. ErickaJo says:

    “Do you see this? Because I am doing it as hard as I can!”

    Duval and the good mayor are pissed because everyone under the age of 30 is laughing at them. And because this was a successful, non threatening campaign in 9 other cities. Someone or other said that Boston is sensitive because of the planes that flew from Logan on 9/11. One of the non-threatened cities that took this marketing in stride was New York.

    I’m going to add a Mooninite tshirt to my wardrobe very soon, methinks. Or add some Mooninite intarsia to my WIP menagerie. Boston was pwned by the Mooninites.

  10. elisa says:

    Y’know, if Kellee hadn’t clued me in to the Madness from yesterday, I wouldn’t have known anything about it until I read your post.

    I didn’t *think* I lived under a rock, but apparently I do.


  11. Martha says:

    Apparently I live under the same rock Elisa does, because my husband was shocked, SHOCKED that I had heard nothing about it when I got home last night.

  12. Sarah M. says:

    Yeah, there were also billboards in several places in the Boston area for months prior with the Mooninites giving the finger. And, NO OTHER CITY reacted like Boston. I understand that wires hanging out of lite brite boxes under the highway can seem suspicious, but what happened to our sense of humor? You got formal apologies and you arrested the tools who did it, so you made your point, Menino. Now go on and pre-order tickets to the upcoming Aqua Teen movie and laugh with the rest of us!

  13. maryse says:

    sorry guys, i don’t agree that the city overreacted. yes it’s true i’m not a 20 something but i asked a couple of 20 something who work with me and they didn’t know anything about this character so to assume that someone should have figured it out is just really more of the 20 something attitude that the world revolves around them. (sorry stitchy — we talked about this last night so you already know what i think). do i think that the guys who were arrested are being scapegoated? yes. charges should be dropped and they should be allowed to get on with their lives. do i think heads should roll at turner, the cartoon network, and interference marketing? you betcha.
    it’s not about not having a sense of humor. if you know me, you know i have a sense of humor. it’s about realizing that we don’t live in a safe world anymore. i’d rather they overreact and realize that it’s nothing, then the alternative.

  14. Stichy, are you a closet Slashdot reader? Your comment “I for one welcome our new pixelated overlords.” sounds the the stuff I read over there.

    If you have no clue as to what I’m talking about, it IS a good thing to sound like Slashdot, IMHO.

  15. Chia says:

    The Mooninites can do no wrong. I think that there are more harmful types of advertising that we accept on a daily basis. True, they are not well known…but soon…soon my pretties.

  16. D R E W says:

    that red and white striped sailor sweater isn’t too bad. but then again, maybe i only thought that because the model’s legs are deliciously hairy and i was destracted…

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