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Check it out! I’ve been whipping up a few little surprises and they’re finally here. Thanks to Hemlock Ink for doing a fantastic job with these. They’re just as cool as I had hoped they’d be.

Click the images to see them larger, the samller ones don’t do them justice. Also, the shirts and bags don’t say “Stitchy McYarnpants” across them, I just did that to keep people from copying them. Please don’t copy them.


This design was created by Stephen Conti of StepOne Design. He is also one of the geniuses who designed the look of the Museum of Kitschy Stitches book. The illustration is based on these lovely ladies who are featured in the book. I find them quite sassy, m’self.


And this design was done by Mister Reusch. He is simply amazing. And a sweetheart, to boot. I met him through my best friend from high school, Carrie, who is also known as Miss Firecracker. She and Mark are a power couple, they both share the same sense of the delightfully offbeat and although I don’t see them nearly enough, I think they’re wicked awesome.

Please note the little cat floating in space. Recognize her?

Dot thinks everyone needs a t-shirt with her stunning visage on it. You wouldn’t want to make Dot angry, would you? You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

‚ So there are three items available with each design, all made of 100% cotton:

‚ 1. There are girly t-shirts that are very fitted‚  (you can see the size chart here)

2. Standard unisex t-shirts that are larger and not fitted (see size chart here)

3. Canvas book totes (they measure 10.5″W x 14L” x 5″D)

Click here to visit my little shop! I did my best to get a good selection of sizes, although I did have to do a limited run because I didn’t want to end up with a ton left over. I figured my family wouldn’t want to be getting these for every holiday over the next 15 years. But if they do well, I’ll definitely be making more. Also, I’d like to expand on the “Into the Blogosphere” theme, so crocheters, stitchers and assorted crafters, take heart! If these do well, I’ll have something for you, too.

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  1. Christine says:

    You are awesome!!! Purchases will be made after the Holidays!!!

  2. Ellen-Mary says:

    I love them! And while I can’t imagine that you will have any left over, here’s a website that might help you out if you do:

  3. elisa says:

    Oh man, Deb – you’ve really outdone yourself with these – they are TERRIFIC!

    But, seriously? Where ARE the shotglasses? Hmmm? Salt n Pepper shakers?

  4. La says:

    So, uh….how much for the cat model?

    Those are great. and I agree. We need shot glasses for Drunken Stitches!

  5. Carrie says:

    Power couple, huh? Maybe if Cthullu ruled the world. Hmmmmm…maybe he does….
    We must have you over to meet das hunds!!

  6. Carol says:

    Still life, Man and Cat.
    So cute!

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