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As the last day for voting in the People’s Voice Awards approaches (last day to vote is May 1st!), we’re once again joined by the incorrigible Hipsey Twins, Hazel and Harold.

Last year they gave us an eye-opening look at the Webby Awards and this year, they’ll be presenting their analysis on this years’ competition and our chances of securing last place. It’s looking good!

Let’s begin by reminding everyone about how the voting works. Harold, its been a year since we last spoke. Surely you’ve had time to really think about this subject and you appear to have the notes we wrote for you with the proper answers. So tell us, Harold, how can patrons of the Museum vote for us in the People’s Voice Awards? Please read the sentence marked #1.

I don’t need to go #1. I already did. Before.

Hazel? Little help?

Sure thing! If readers feel that the Museum of Kitschy Stitches is deserving of their vote, they can sign up at the People’s Voice website and find our ballot in the first section called “Connection” in the “Weird” category.

Registration is quick and easy, and definitely worth the time to help support someone whose very sanity lies in the balance.

Terrific! Umm . . wait, what was that about someone’s sanity?

Oh nothing, just a little joke.

Hey, I know a joke! Knock knock!

. . .

I said Knock knock!

~sigh~ Who’s there?

I’m a pileup!

I’m a pileup Who?

Ha ha ha ha!! Pile of poo! Ha ha ha. You said pile of poo! You’re a pile of poo!!

Great. So Hazel, despite her efforts, it seems that the curator of the museum can’t seem to catch a break in this competition. What do you think is her biggest hurdle? Is it her lack of commitment to regular posting? Is her material getting stale? Are people actually starting to like crocheted pantsuits and no longer wish to see them mocked? Or MOKed, as it were?

I believe that all of those are definitely issues. Ms. McYarnpants certainly isn’t prolific, is she? She simply can’t keep up with her competition. It’s been rumored that the museum’s entire “staff” is merely an invention. A literary apparition, if you will. I heard she has a desk job in an office and has been actually threatening her co-workers with bodily harm if they don’t vote for her. I recommend they empty their staplers and maybe bring in their own tea bags for a few weeks.

Quite simply, Ms. McYarnpants needs to step up her game.

I found a outfit made of granny squares for a cat in Stitchy’s garbage can! She said she was going to try to compete this year by forcing her aminals into little outfits and making funny words to go with it. She was all scratched up and bloody. I think it didn’t work.

Interesting. And sad. Well, thank you kids. Do you have any final thoughts on the Webby Awards and the MOKS nomination?

Stitchy stinks.

Simply being nominated for a Webby Award is quite an honor and I don’t think the museum is looking this gift horse in the mouth. Ms. McYarnpants has gained a lot of readers from her new exposure and has actually had some lovely email interactions and gotten some amazing feedback that have really made all the hard work worthwhile. In the end, it’s all about making people happy.

Hazel, you’re a dork. Kitties are a million times better that this pileup who. Can we look at some cute animals now?

Well, that was another very insightful conversation with at least half of the Hipsey Twins. And don’t forget, there’s still time to help the museum make a push for fourth place! Vote now and vote often!

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4 Responses

  1. Marnie says:

    Oh Harold, you are my kind of guy.

    Off to vote

  2. April says:

    Hey! Stitchy is NOT stinky! bite your tongue =(

    I voted at the beginning and tried to vote again but it didn’t work – YES! I’m a cheater, but only for good causes.

  3. val says:

    your still the best in my book……..

  4. Julie says:

    ***quietly goes off in ’68 Winnabago to kidnap Webby creators, tie ’em up, wrap ’em in giant red bow and brings them to Stitchy’s crib as big surprise***

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