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A blog post? Don’t worry, there’s still no knitting. Boooo! But I have sent out all the Blogger Bingo cards, so if you signed up to play and haven’t gotten one, let me know. Also, while it’s too late to sign up to be a square, you can still sign up to play! Just shoot me an email and I’ll send you a card.

I also managed to get myself into the big author signing on Sunday in the building near Tent D. I think that’s it. It seems like the sort of thing I should find out, doesn’t it? Just follow the throngs of people looking for the amazing ladies on this page and you’ll find me mixed in, all wide-eyed and giggling like a fan girl. I feel like I’ve infiltrated some kind of secret society. Hee!

I will also be in and out of David and Mel’s booth for A Craftsman’s Touch in Barn 39, Booth D all day Saturday. They’re the official Blogger Bingo Headquarters, so you can get extra cards there if you need them. I’ll be signing books there, and they’ll also be selling my t-shirts and tote bags at a special price for Rhinebeck – $12 each! Dudes, I really need to sell these, I simply cannot keep giving them away as Christmas gifts unless I get an entirely new family and set of friends. The ones I have now all have at least one already.

And, Maryse is launching her new line of cards! You can buy them at David and Mel’s. They’re beautiful, but we only have a limited quantity, so come one over quick to get your paws on them. I have too many favorites to list and they keep changing (I waffle between the spinning wheel bobbin and the baby sheep), so come see for yourself. They are $3.95 each, cheaper and WAY better than some boring card from the grocery store.

And just so it’s not all Rhinebeck, all the time, I’ll tell you something really goofy I did. See, I’ve never really been very good at managing my time and always seem to be running around like a nut trying to get things done. So what do you do when time is short? Open and Etsy shop, of course! But you already knew about that.

So what do you do when time is short AND you’ve gone an opened an Etsy shop that you now must fill with stuff? Well, on a whim, you apply to the Boston Bazaar Bizarre because you know you won’t get accepted, so what the hell. And then you go and get accepted. Yikes! So I’m sewing and crafting like crazy to get a table full of the coolest stuff I can come up with. This has been really hard with Blogger Bingo to juggle, but I did manage to make four baby dresses over the past couple of weekends! And 10 sets of fabric covered buttons with tie-tack pin backs using vintage fabric! And some crazy gift tags! I’m really tired!! But I love every second of it, so my grousing is only because I can’t fit even more stuff into a day.

I don’t have photos of the dresses yet because I still need to attach snaps. I’ll show you when they’re done, I’m really pleased with them. But some of the tags and pins are up in my shop, if you’re interested.

And finally, to close, I would like to give you a shot of cuteness to round out the day. I am LOVING the aunt thing! My niece, Ginger, is now about a year and three months and she can yell my name, make robot noises and loves hanging out with her cousin, Chi Chi. And Chi Chi loves her back. He flops around for her, lets her grab his feet, tail, face, whatever. He never swats, in fact, he barely moves away, such is his love for her. He runs to the door when he hears her coming up the stairs. Seriously, it’s so cute, I can barely stand it. When she leans over and kisses him on the head, it just melts my heart. And, Ginger loves to share. Look.

Awwwwww . . . You’ll be happy to know that he politely declined and opted to lick the drops off the floor after she left.

This is her Dad. Can you tell?

I can’t wait to take her shoe shopping!

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  1. michelle says:

    How exciting is that author table! this means your officially big time.

    My brother would so smack me for putting up a picture like that :) but his daughter is too cute!

  2. Carole says:

    Did I tell you that when Kim, Terry and I were in Salt Lake City we saw your book in a very cool and way funky shop? We were so excited! Dale wants to know if you’re bringing his sweater this weekend. (please don’t LOL)
    1 more sleep!

  3. maryse says:

    wow, that’s just one crazy resemblance.

    thanks for the shoutout. i owe it all to you. i think the cards are $3.95. but i could be wrong.

  4. ErickaJo says:

    A Boston Bazaar Bizarre? Yes! I really hope to be there 😀 I’ve been watching those darn things all over the country, it’ll be nice to have one actually close enough to go to!

    And you belong at the grown-ups table :) Us kids need an informant 😉

  5. Vanessa says:

    A huge apology for those looking for me at Rhinebeck. I was there. I was suppose to be there 9am , I didn’t get there till 10:30 then about noon time hubby called me with a situation going on at home and needed me to come back – I left a little after 12noon – I didn’t get a chance to do much , It is sunday evening and still have to resolve some things.
    Hope you all had fun!
    Vanessa In Upstate NY butterflyjo

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