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I love that I have to convince people of that. Yes, she who shares the contents of everything from her uterus to her cats’ litter box with everyone on the internets, is shy. I was once referred to in high school as “That girl who never says anything.” I live in mortal fear of speaking in front of large groups of people. It’s all a sham, people. Stitchy is really a hermit. Luckily, I am a yarn-seeking hermit, so I can actually be drawn out of my shell at times. And it is a lot easier when confronted with a gaggle of giggling knitters.

So Laurie is right. I was rather restrained in my stash enhancement last weekend. I did a pretty good job of sticking to my budget. But I also forgot to include some stuff. Whoopsie. It’s because it was all put away. Out of sight, out of mind you know how it is. I got a bunch of stuff for needle felting. I got a cool tool that holds six needles at once, five blobs of pretty roving to make an assortment of cuties, and some foam felting boards to keep you from stabbing your legs from FeltCrafts. They were extremely helpful, the woman at the booth actually ran to her car to get some extra needles for me. I shall be patronizing them again. I also got a bag of more felting fluff from Misty Mountain Farms. There are even bits of curly wool in there that should be really interesting to work with.

I don’t have pictures of all that stuff, but I do have a finished object! I made a little Rhinebeck mascot. Of course, right before I finished, I saw that Juno has already found one (see the last photo of the demon sheep of Rhinebeck). Drat! Oh well, I pressed on and came up with this little dude.

Please meet Spendy, the Spokessheep of Rhinebeck.


Spendy says “Baaaaaaaaa more stuff!” He has bendable arms and legs (well, technically, they’re all legs) so he can help point out all the things you need.

You can also see that he’s been hanging out at the fried dough cart for a little too long. Just look at that belly! Our little Spendy does not make good choices when it comes to fair fare. He should have just had that salad. Oh well. “Fraaaaaa more dough!”

And in the comments, Kristy asked about the recipe for the felted bear I made a while ago. I got the instructions and kit from Living Felt. It’s such a gratifying use of fiber, I can’t recommend trying it enough. Now that I think of it, I actually bought the kit from Marr Haven. Both places have lots of cool felting stuff, so check ¢â‚¬Ëœem both out!

And in other news, I have embarked upon the classic battle between woman and beast. No, not Jon. Not the cats. A squirrel. In our basement. When first discovered, he was napping in a box of leftover decorations from my wedding. He came flying out when Charlene walked by and startled him. My brother, unaware of Charlene’s encounter, thought someone had left one of their cats down there because garbage cans were knocked over, bottles from on top of the fridge were smashed on the floor, and there were little footprints all over the toilet seat where someone had perched to get a drink. I believe there were also some little footprints on his laundry that was hanging down there. Later, I was putting away a rake after some long avoided yard work and heard the skittering of tiny paws in the ceiling. So I tapped here and there until I startled him and he came flying out of a hole and ran to the other side of the basement along the pipes. Apparently, this squirrel is wound real tight. He needs to chill. If he would just come out and sit on my shoulder, he would get so many treats and smooches, his head would spin*. But he wants to do this the hard way.

Honestly, I was just worried that he was hungry. But it turns out he also found the birdseed we had down there. So I got a Have-a-Heart trap. It’s all steel and noisy and clanky, so from the squirrel’s standpoint, this is actually a Have-a-Heartattack trap. Jon and I set it up, we even included some treats that we’d just gotten for our own under-documented hamster, Wuzzy. We’ve been checking the trap regularly since yesterday. I moved it closer to his water supply today, though I refuse to admit it was just for his convenience. I checked it a short while ago and it looks like he had himself a lovely snack. But he didn’t hang around for the actual trapping or anything. He did, however, leave a bunch of empty seed shells for me to clean up.

Squirrel 1
Stitchy – 0

*Don’t worry, I don’t plan on kissing the squirrel when I catch him. He’s going right outside.


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  1. Spendy is adorable! And I totally agree with the bad fair fare. It’s a must.
    Those squirrels are crafty little creatures. Good luck!

    I used to be shy, too. But I had massive hormone changes when I had my son (he’s 6 now), and I am now a brash, loud, semi-obnoxious woman who refuses to accept crappy customer service.
    Mainly because I used to do it for a living.
    It’s okay to be shy. Just hang out with loud people, and they’ll do all the conversation starting, so you can feel comfortable.

  2. Cara says:

    Spendy is awesome! And oh so enabling…need more yarn….

    If I had a flying squirrel living in my basement, I’d have to say I’d move. Immediately. Otherwise I’d never be able to sleep at night. Good luck getting rid of that thing. You’re a much better woman than I am.

  3. Katy says:

    I love Spendy! I like to needle felt too, but my stuff never comes out looking THAT darn cute. 😉
    As for the squirrel…make sure that “outside” also means “far, far, away…” or he will be back to visit. With friends.

  4. Could that sheep be any cuter? You’ve got the anatomy of the belly down solid. Great work!

  5. Juno says:

    See, the demon sheep I just found on the ground but you made that amazing little dude.

    I am so impressed.

    And good luck with the squirrel. I probably shouldn’t tell you about how I once had to pull down a ceiling because a squirrel chewed through a wire and fricaseed himself in the the walls, right?

    Get the bastard. Your compassion is lovely and respectful, but in the end, stronger measures may be called for.

  6. Carole says:

    The sheep! Oh my! Want one!
    As for the squirrel, good luck and don’t fool around with this business. We’ve had one in our ceiling and walls now for a few weeks but we’re hoping when the new roof goes on that his entry way will be permanently closed. If not, more drastic measures will be called for. Ahem.

  7. tabbytuxedo says:

    Love the sheep! Great name too.

    I swear, squirrels are getting smarter these days.

  8. Fiber Fetish says:

    Do squirrels like peanut butter like mice do? Try that or something else that will stick to the trip.

  9. chelsea says:

    Stitchy, Glad I got to meet you (however briefly) at the Marriot knitting lounge… LOVING Spendy! I think he’s got some Brooks Crack in one hand and some Spinner’s Hill Crack in the other… Or, oh. Maybe that’s me.

    I have a few (6?) knit mags from the early 80s. Big Shouldered Women, Effeminate Men, the whole caboodle. Want ’em?

    Also, I went to the dreamy angora/wool booth and was *this* close to buying all the blue. But, I was so broke and so sad. This means I will be stopping there first thing next year.

  10. melanie says:

    Is Spendy from Georgia, it sher does sound laak it.

  11. June says:

    Spendy looks so innocent and yet has such red horns!

    As for the squirrel – good luck! If they’re anything like mice, squirrels might go for meat. As gnarly as it sounds, I’ve trapped mice with bulgogi (spiced Korean beef) and pepperoni.

  12. Kathen says:

    If you really plan to release the squirrel, I dunno about using spicy meat. He would be really sick outside, I would think. Just catch him before he starts rolling nuts down the upstairs walls. I’m told that is a very annoying sound.
    Spendy is so cute! Is that an airline seat he is sitting on? Spendy wants you to go further in the search for fibre goodness? Hee hee.

  13. LauraJ says:

    The very concept of Spendy is, like The Best. Enough with the Woolomina (she with whom I had my pic taken). Your katsina is far more accurate.

  14. stephanie says:

    I have been doing battle with a dastardly wool stealing squirrel for years. Mine lives outside, but there is no love lost between us.

    Watch your stash.

  15. maryse says:

    spendy rocks!

    and be careful of that squirrel. they dont’ call them squirrely for nothing (also don’t get too close — he might be rabid)

    by the way, i used to be shy. and in some situations i still am. i actually do better in big groups than i do one on one.

  16. AL says:

    Peanut butter in the live trap and then take him for a nice long ride before you release him – at LEAST 8 miles away.

    Ask me how I know. I dare you.

  17. Kristen says:

    I’m going to second the peanutbutter trick; it takes them *just* long enough to get at it and distracts them from realizing that they’re stuck in. (if you want to make it a gourmet sort of last meal then smearing pb on something and covering it with seeds is the way to go. Also here to second the drive way, way, way far away idea with a few loopd’loops thrown in to get them a bit off course.

    I believe that you’re shy because I think I’m similar. The sheep is wonderful and I’m all for future documentation of aforementioned hampster; I used to have one and miss her company dearly. (especially when she used to be worth an hour of entertainment when I let her out in her “ball.”)

  18. Spendy is darling!
    I agree with Juno about Squirrels in houses. THEY DON’T BELONG. Besure to find the hole where it got in and cover it up with something METAL. They will grind their little incisors down to nubbins if they think there’s a chance they can get in again. Oh… but be sure to plug up the hole while the squirrel is outside. We did it the other way one time and at 3 am I could here the little varmint trying to chew his way OUT. Woulda served him right. Also woulda smelled bad. Eventually.

  19. Spendy is darling!
    I agree with Juno about Squirrels in houses. THEY DON’T BELONG. Besure to find the hole where it got in and cover it up with something METAL. They will grind their little incisors down to nubbins if they think there’s a chance they can get in again. Oh… but be sure to plug up the hole while the squirrel is outside. We did it the other way one time and at 3 am I could here the little varmint trying to chew his way OUT. Woulda served him right. Also woulda smelled bad. Eventually.

  20. Laurie says:

    Love Spendy! I think I saw him at the TasteBudds stand, too. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.

    Embed nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) on peanut butter, put it on the little flippy trap in the HavaHeart. The peanut butter makes them work to get the nuts, and the trap CLANGS shut (just echoing some of your other posters). I look to relocate chippers, and always end up catching idiot squirrels. It’s just a matter of time for that little squatter. They are only cute OUTSIDE.

  21. Chrissy says:

    Spendy is sooo cute! I can’t stop laughing! I want one.

  22. christine says:

    Love your blog! This is my first visit, and I had to leave a comment. Was supposed to go to Rhinebeck this year (1st time), and had to cancel because of work commitments. Am absolutely going next year….sounds like fiber heaven!!!!

  23. Stacy says:

    Oh, I love your felted guys. I bought the bear kit from Marr Haven, too, but alas, it rests in the bottom of my stash-trunk, only one ear attached to his lumpy head. I gave up hope once I realized that I was no sculptor: instead of a bear, he looked like a decrepit monkey skeleton (to quote The Simpsons).

  24. Mary says:

    Don’t get too close to the varmint (squirrel, that is, not Spendy). They can carry rabies.

  25. Kellee says:

    SO.FREAKING.CUTE! Um, you know….I believe I have some of your knitting here at Chez Obsession. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t return it out of the goodness of my heart or anything, but a small sheep-shaped-reward would not be turned down. *ahem*

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